Steve Bannon suggests that Dwayne Johnson ruined his career after showing his support for Oprah


Steve Bannon, who was the former White House Chief Strategist in the administration of U.S. President Donald Trump, thinks that Johnson “ruined” his career after he openly showed support for Oprah Winfrey and her speech during the Golden Globes.

Rumors that Oprah might run for a president in 2024 presidential elections started spreading after her speech during the Golden Globes. The former host used her speech to criticize the behavior of men in Hollywood.

On the other hand, Oprah strongly rejected those rumors by saying that she has no intentions of running.

Dwayne Johnson, who is also considered to be one of the rivals for the White House, was in the audience during her speech. When the camera briefly panned to Dwayne Johnson, we could see that he was apparently touched by her words and he openly expressed it.


Bannon was not so much surprised by his apparent support for Oprah, but he did point out that it could gravely affect his career in the future:

“He’s (Johnson) ruined his career,” Bannon commented. “If you rolled out a guillotine, they’d chop off every set of ba**s in the room.”

He also took a moment to comment on the potential outcome of having Oprah in the White House. According to him, she could be a licit threat for Republicans in the next elections and drive them out from power in 2018.

“You watch,” Bannon commented. “The time has come. Women are gonna take charge of society. And they couldn’t juxtapose a better villain than Trump. He is the patriarch. This is a definitional moment in the culture. It’ll never be the same going forward . . . The anti-patriarchy movement is going to undo ten thousand years of recorded history.”

Could the end of patriarchy be inferred from only one speech and will Johnson’s support really affect his career to that extent? We’ll see in the foreseeable future.