1DeMarcus Lawrence


Another very important player of the squad will come soon to the table to talk a new contract, DeMarcus Lawrence. This man is projected to play under the franchise tag in 2018, and that will bring him about $17 million. If the deal isn’t reached before July 16, future negotiations will have to wait for the season to end.

Here is what Jones said regarding this: “I don’t necessarily have anything right now on the calendar to get with him, but obviously it’s the same type of situation.” He also added that D-Law is getting a nice amount of money, but that they would love to have him on a long-term deal. The thing here is that Cowboys will need to make a few moves for the salary cap to be enough to cover all those new deals.

A good sign is that we did see DeMarcus participating in OTAs and he isn’t a bit worried about the fact that $17 million guaranteed contract is there for him in 2018 season. We will keep an eye on the situation and deliver news as soon as we get more info.