2Zack Martin


Stephen Jones, Cowboys executive vice president, was asked about the extension for Zack and if the team is talking to him and his manager Tom Condon. According to Jones, he spoke to Condon a few days ago, but the deal wasn’t struck yet. During his four years in the league, offensive guard earned four All-Pro selections, and as a result, it is expected for him to get a hefty amount of money for his signature.

Since Martin is supposed to play his final year of the rookie deal on a club option, he will earn about $9 million. If we take into account the decision of Zack not to participate in OTAs, it is clear that he might want to sign a new deal, one that would bring him a lot more money than right now. Listening to Jones, it is obvious that the Cowboys office wants to sign him, here is what he said on that matter: “Nobody wants to have Zack signed more than we do. I truly think he’s one of the best offensive linemen in the league. Certainly we think the best offensive guard in the league, and should be paid accordingly. It’s just a matter of structures and by how much and that type of thing.”

We know that there is no deadline in this case, but we are sure that they would love to secure this contract. It was also said by Jones that they would continue to work on the deal, and hopefully, it will be all done soon.