Stephanie McMahon Wrestling Again?


Throughout the history of the WWE or the WWF back in the day, McMahon was always involved in some kind of storylines. The creation of the Vince McMahon character was one of the greatest ideas in the history of wrestling. That heel, maniac owner was something that has put the WWF over the WCW in the ratings when these two companies were battling. Then after him, Stephanie McMahon and Shane McMahon were also involved in a lot of storylines.

Not only have they been in many programs, but they have also wrestled in the ring. Shane McMahon is definitely the best in-ring performer as most of the fans enjoy watching this guy. He did have a great showing against AJ Styles at Wrestlemania which surprised a lot of people. But, Stephanie McMahon is somebody that also enjoys getting in the ring from time to time in order to throw hands with some other elite female stars. Here is what she had to say about maybe returning to action one day.


“I absolutely love the in-ring performance aspect to what we do. It’s such an honor to be able to get in there with some of those performers and actually take bumps or tell a story of the match. I’m not necessarily the best but I do love to get in there, so if there’s ever an opportunity again to do that and to help make somebody else then I would absolutely welcome it.”

What Stephanie is saying here is that she does realize that she is not top of the line performer, but that her name value is big and that she can put a young rising star over if the opportunity presents itself. This girl is also indicating that she is not going to force it and that she will get back in the ring only if it makes sense and it is good for everybody involved.