Stephanie McMahon Makes Her Return To Monday Night Raw!


The road to the Survivor Series pay per view is heating up. After last week’s surprise attack on Raw by the SD Live Superstars, the red brand was well aware that they are in a war with their rivals. The time for fun and games is over, they will be ready for the battle when the Survivor Series come. That is basically what Kurt Angle said at the start of the show.

He was surprised by the attack and by what Shane McMahon did when he put Raw under siege. Now, he will keep his eyes open.

Angle usually starts the show with a smile. Not this time around tho, which was the reason why Stephanie McMahon’s music hit and she walked down the ramp for the first time after Wrestlemania 33 when she witnessed Triple H losing to Seth Rollins.


She hyped up the crowd and said that Angle has done a wonderful job as the general manager. There were a couple of things here and there that she didn’t like, but overall, Angle’s performance was satisfying for her. Shane did something to challenge Angle, and she wants him to step up to the plate and not back down.

Raw is the superior brand to her, and a win is a must for her at the Survivor Series. The Olympic Gold Medalist is going to lead the Raw team in the 5v5 traditional SS match. Stephanie even threatened that she was going to fire him if she doesn’t get what she wants out of the red team in a couple of weeks.

It seems that Steph is back on TV, which is not going to sit well with a lot of the fans. She is kind of annoying, but the WWE Universe will have to sit tight and see what her role is going to be going forward.