6 Tips for Starting Wow Shadowlands from Scratch


The new expansion of World of Warcraft Shadowlands is available online. Many gamers across the globe are excited to play the latest expansion and want to become a part of the new mission. You must be ready with all the hardware and software to experience the new gaming world. Undoubtedly, when you stick to its session, you will not close for some hours. It is necessary to buy all the accessories to beat all the challenges.

There are plenty of boosts for WoW games available on various digital platforms like boostcarry.com. Install all the updates and be prepared to play the new expansion of this game. Like others, you also want to play and win rewards. But before you start, you must know some tips. In the following write-up, we will discuss some tips to start WoW Shadowlands from scratch. Follow all the tricks to avoid any further issues.

1.  Clean Your Inventory



No player wants his system to run out of space. Various add-ons keep on releasing in short time intervals. You have to keep downloading them to make your game run smoothly. But if your system does not have enough space, you cannot download the add-ons. Hence, you will lack continuous enjoyment.

It is necessary to clean up your inventory to make enough space for new add-ons. You have to check all the stored items and ensure whether these are useful for you or not. There is a limited inventory space where you have already kept many things. Therefore, you have to keep checking the vacant space in the inventory and make it empty before you start play shadowlands.

2.  Do Not Stress About Covenants


In the expansion pack of the shadowlands, it is necessary to choose the covenants during the Azeroth afterlife journey. The choice is mandatory, and therefore, you do not need to stress a lot. You must have enough information about all the covenants before you pick any quests or exclusive abilities. There is a possibility of getting an optimal choice, and it may vary as per your plans of activities.

But if we consider the standard time, it will not affect the growth of your character. During expansion, you can pick any covenant as per your choice and needs. If you do not like the covenant, then you can switch or change whenever you want. There is no risk if your initial choice is not good enough while playing the game.

3.  Start Updating the Add-ons


Whenever you switch to a new expansion, you need to update the add-ons and download new files. It is necessary to disable all the add-ons that are not yet optimized for the Shadowlands new version. You have to take care of the updates to avoid unnecessary crashes or issues. You may find servers that are overloaded with old and new players.

It may take time to access the updates because many people are in the queue. You have to wait longer to get involved in Azeroth. Before you start updating the add-ons, you must check the space in your system. Clear all the unnecessary files to store all the updates and avoid in-between add-on failure.

4.  Concentrate on Only One Character

When you start playing the expansion, you can get an option to choose a different character from many available ones. But it is crucial to focus on one character only. There is no need to switch to another character. Instead, you can make changes to its appearance or other characteristics.

You have to focus on the main character that can help you skip the quest and fight all the secondary characters. Therefore, you have to stay with the first character until you get finished with it. In this way, you can be free while picking the right path to reach the maximum level. The first playthrough will experience more railroading.

5.  Login Early


Whenever you access the new expansion of WoW Shadowlands, you will observe that many people are in the queue to access the new content. If you want to play this game early, then you have to compete with others.

Before the latest expansion is launched, you can get into the desired position and try this game as early as you want. You have to be on time when the game launches. You can enjoy different gaming sessions with your friends. Even if you observe the maintenance of the servers, you can participate early as well.

6.  Plan the Levelling Route

There are different levels in the expansion of WoW Shadowlands from 1 to 50. You have to plan them by using the new character. There is no need to buy the boost all the time. The boost is not much necessary for the current maximum level. There is a possibility to gain levels when a player is playing 1 to 10 levels. It is better to take enough experience of different zones.

After the 10th level, you have to consider the storyline and expansions from scratch. It is the perfect way to catch up on all the information or gaming sessions of the previous expansions. If you are a new player, then you can experience a lot more within a current level. You can start with any level you want and know everything about the previous expansions.

The Bottom Line

Many players across the globe are relatively excited to play WoW Shadowlands. But before playing it, you must follow all the mentioned tips to start it from scratch. A gamer does not want to compromise his fun and excitement while playing any game. If you need to play without any crashes or errors, it is necessary to follow some crucial tips.

You can gain a better gaming experience and reach the new leveling system. When you prepare for it, the game will appear easy to you. There will be no need to spend too much time playing the game from any expansion or level. You can play Shadowlands early and share your experience with your friends.