7 Tips for Starting a Hood Cleaning Business


As you know, depending on the country or area, restaurants are legally required to clean their kitchen equipment as well as the exhaust systems and hoods. The thing is that this can turn out to be quite a complex task, which is why owners and managers are more likely to hire professionals to complete it.

This is why it may be a good idea to start a hood cleaning business since it is one of those services that will always be in demand. In addition, restaurants won’t be your only clients, but you may also be hired to clean residential kitchens. If this line of business sounds appealing to you, keep reading this article because we will provide you with multiple tips on how to start your company.

Make a business plan


The very first thing you have to do before making any decisions is to write a business plan. You surely have a vague idea of how you want everything to work, the equipment and tools you will need, who your clients will be, and so on, but it can be almost impossible to make sure that everything develops as you envisioned it.

This is when a business plan comes in handy. Start with writing down the main goal you want to achieve, and then think of numerous smaller ones that will lead your business down the right path. Write down the details regarding the clients you want to reach, and consider how you can do that. Finally, don’t forget to think about finances, the funds you will need to operate the business, where you can get the money if you don’t have it, etc.

Purchase the equipment

Getting all the tools and cleaning products should be the next point on your list. Naturally, there is a wide variety of these, and the thing is that they can be quite costly. It means that you should be smart when making the initial investment since the chances are that you are on a budget. You will need things such as high-pressure hoses, floor dryers, spray guns, foamers, all sorts of chemicals, and so on.

If you want to start your business as soon as possible or are on a deadline, you should look for a local supplier. Why? Well, they will have all the merchandise ready for you, and it will be delivered in a short period of time. On the other hand, since making this purchase can be expensive, you can consider getting everything you need online, from a foreign supplier. Yes, the price will be lower, but it will take some time for the items to arrive.


Obtain a license

If you want to build a name for yourself and grow a professional company, you will need to have a certificate. If you have been in this line of business for a while, you know that you should sign up for the IKECA course. You have to get familiar with NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association), which determines standards for fire safety practice.

Once you have completed the training and finished the course, contact the licensing department in your city, and submit an application for this document. It is also a good idea to get liability insurance to protect your company.

Educate your employees

Hood cleaning isn’t only intense work, but it can also pose a danger to everyone involved. As a business owner, you must guarantee the safety of not only your employees but also kitchen and restaurant staff. The only way to do this is to follow every code and instruction and complete the task by the book.

Due to this reason, you have to invest in your workers’ education and training. Nowadays, there are many cleaning schools, so all you have to do is find the one located in your vicinity and the one that is within your price range.


Furthermore, you have to get the word out about your business. Nowadays, this is a fairly simple task because there are many marketing strategies at your disposal. Most importantly, you have to make the right decision when choosing these. If you want to attract local customers, you can use some traditional strategies, such as flyers and newspaper ads.

Similarly, make sure to utilize digital marketing. Sign up for social media platforms, create accounts, and start sharing information about your business. These platforms also offer multiple types of ads, so make sure to investigate them all and use the best ones for you.

Investigate market


The chances of your business being the only hood cleaning company in the area are quite slim. Before you start doing business, you have to investigate the market. Firstly, start with your future clients. It is crucial that you understand their requirements because it is the only way to meet all of them, and therefore, build a loyal client base. Our advice is to learn how many restaurants are in your area, whether they are seasonal, or on the other hand, are open throughout the entire year, etc.

This data will help you determine how often they will need your services, and you can learn more details about it on www.premiergrease.com/hood-cleaning.html.

Moreover, learn about your competitors. It is vital to understand how your company will fit in. How many other cleaning crews are there in the area? Do they already have loyal clients? How established are their companies? This is the only way to understand what you can offer to attract people and convince them to employ you.

Collaborate with others

If you are just entering this line of work, you will need some time to learn all the ins and outs and get a grip on everything. Let’s be realistic – you cannot expect your competitors to teach you everything. After all, why would they?

Nevertheless, you can contact professionals from another city or even find an online community and communicate with cleaning crews from other countries. Yes, it may be difficult to find someone who wants to share their experience with you, but you will manage to find a partner if you are persistent enough.