5 Most Popular Sports by Betting Volume in the US


Watching sports is probably one of the most entertaining things a person can do in front of their TV. This is especially true if you are a passionate sports fan who regularly cheers for your favorite team. What makes it even better? Having a few friends to watch with, but ones who cheer for a different team. Now that heats things and makes your time worthwhile.

It’s not a secret sports betting is an entire industry, one that makes tons of money regularly. But who can you blame for it? People just love proving they’re right, and nothing does that better than winning money on your favorite team.

However, there are so many different sports and people argue even about that, which one is the most popular. Well, we can easily put an end to that argument thanks to data and analytics. Let’s take a look at the most popular sports by betting volume in the United States.

1. Soccer (originally called football in Europe)

Well, we’re sorry basketball fans, but football is the most popular sport in the world. And, if football is the second most popular in the US, where the NBA is liked and supported by so many, then imagine how popular it is in Europe.

Americans love their signature sports, such as Baseball and their traditional American football, but soccer is also watched by many people. When it comes to soccer betting in the US, the most popular type of betting is simply choosing the winner. Americans don’t seem to like other more complicated betting choices such as predicting the number of goals during the match or what the final score will be at the end. Looking for a place to bet on soccer safely and conveniently? UFA is a website where you can learn more.

2. American football (originally called Rugby in Europe)


According to the statistics, most bets are in the NFL but it looks like the NCAA doesn’t fall much behind. Now here’s a cool fact. This sport is only liked in The United States, but since there are so many fans there, it automatically ranks up this sport in second place. In the US, it’s ranked as number one. The most popular type of betting for American football is also a prediction of the winning team but also betting on the individual performance of certain players.

A few examples are predicting who will score a touchdown, how many yards they’ll have running and catching, and a few other specific types of predictions. The most betting volume happens during the Super Bowl. During this period Americans spend more money than they do bet on other sports throughout an entire year.

3. Baseball (MLB)


Baseball is slightly more popular than European football in the US, and it’s in seventh place on the list of popularity in the whole world. But, this sport is growing in popularity as well, so in a few years, we expect it to be in the top three most-watched sports in the world. It’s not a secret baseball is entertaining even if you watch it on TV and not live.

Contrary to popular belief, baseball athletes are one of the most physically ready people in the world, although it doesn’t seem like that to people who aren’t familiar with the sport.

When it comes to baseball, the best predictions are slightly more complicated. People bet individually but on teams as well, and it’s safe to say that many are winning pretty sweet amounts of money by betting on this sport.

Baseball is pretty fun to watch, but the only downside to it is that people living outside of the US don’t have the same availability. We either lack the required TV channels to watch some quality baseball or there’s not enough interest for certain countries to buy the license to broadcast baseball. That’s our fault whatsoever, so nothing wrong with the sport.

4. Horse Racing


Probably the oldest and most popular sport when it comes to betting. When you take a look at the statistics, horse rating is not so popular in terms of fans and watching numbers, but it’s high on the list with betting amounts and frequency.

There’s nothing complicated here when it comes to the betting type, all you can do is bet on the horse you think is going to win. With that being said, people often bet and don’t even watch the race, they just check the results later on and that’s it. We don’t want to say this sport is boring to watch, but it’s simply not as popular as other ones on the list, such as baseball, rugby, and soccer which are all sports filled with excitement and passion.

5. Golf


Golf is a true gentleman’s sport and it’s so interesting to get into both casually or professionally. But, when people want to watch an interesting activity played on such a high level, watching Tiger Woods play or other professionals of his caliber are tons of fun. Oh, and when it comes to betting, golf is a sport where people put a lot of money in. Golf is a sport that’s quite often tied with spending money, as the sport itself is expensive even for casual practice. But, if you want to win some money, hop on the betting wagon alongside many betting enthusiasts.


There are so many different sports, and nowadays all of them are popular. However, they are not all on an equal level of popularity when it comes to betting volume. In today’s article, we compared some of the information we have and made a list of the most popular sports by betting volume in the United States. If you want to finally put an end to this mystery, now’s the time to do it. Are the results of how you expected them to be?

As always, thank you for reading and we’ll see you in the next one. Remember to stay safe and wear a mask.