Spice Up Your Married Life With These Tips


Every year thousands of weddings take place, and even more divorces. Why? Because it is easy to organize a luxurious wedding, but it is challenging to get your marriage to work. When you marry someone, you need to make some adjustments. It doesn’t mean you have to compromise your happiness, but it certainly means that you do not compromise the happiness of your spouse.

Most marriages end in divorce due to the couple drifting apart due to misunderstandings or not being to give time to each other. The first thing requires communication. And the second, requires communication, as well as efforts to spend quality time with your partner. The work-load, kids, relatives, social responsibilities, and more often keeps partners apart. When the day ends, they are too tired to communicate or even do anything romantic. That does put a strain on your relationship. The boring routine life which is comfortable but lacks fun or adventure can also lead to two people becoming distant.


Both these issues have a simple fix-spend time together. It will be challenging, but if you really care about your partner and respect and love them, you will be able to do so. Both partners need to make efforts here, and if you are looking for ideas to spice up your married life, read below.

1. Don’t be afraid to get naughty

Spicing up your married life does mean doing something adventurous in bed. Often when couples are unable to give time to each other due to the end number of reasons, their sex life suffers the most. And no matter what you think, sex is imperative to a happy married life.

So, if your spouse has a fun wish in the bed, whether it is to try a new position or use a sex toy, do think about trying it. Of course, you do not have to go beyond your comfort zone, but do not dismiss the idea right away.

Also, try to plan an intimate night with your partner. It could start with a romantic date night and lead into it. Make sure you wear your best dress and sexy lingerie because it can create the best environment. Sexy and naughty lingerie is something you should not be afraid to buy even if it is crotchless panties that you can find at Haute Flair or some sexy thongs. This might feel weird to wear the first time because you aren’t used to it, but it will make both of you horny. Also, you do not have to pay a lot for it, try Cirilla’s vast range of lingerie for your every mood.

2. Hold hands


Spicing up your life doesn’t always have to be sex. A simple touch from your partner can also make you happy because it increases the production of happy hormones in your body. You also do not need to find the time or plan an event to hold hands.

When shopping for groceries or going to a family gathering, hold hands. Claim your partner and make them feel loved and yours. It is a small gesture but means a lot.

3. Do the small stuff


Preparing romantic dinner or trying new things in bed is big stuff, but doing these things every day is not possible. But there are certainly some things that you can do every day for your partner. They are significantly small gestures, but they mean a lot. For instance:

  • Waking your spouse and treating them with a breakfast that they love is one thing you can do. And the wife doesn’t have to be the only one that does this, even the husband can do this too.
  • Complimenting your partner and telling them how proud you are of them is another thing that you should do every day. Do not compliment only their looks, but their intellect or the things that they do for you even without asking.
  • Another thing you can do is let them sleep in after a tiring week. Or take the kids to a garden to give your spouse some quality time.

These little things show your care and affection and help make your bond strong.

4. Make your partner feel special


Do not wait for occasions to do something special for your partner. If you hardly get time to do fun things or make your partner feel special, waiting for any occasion is a fool’s errand. Instead, find the time and do anything that you know will make your partner feel special.

It can be calling them randomly during the day and asking how it is going? Or it can be going to their office during lunch break to enjoy a meal together. Or it can be giving them something out of the blue. It communicates your love and care without you having to spell it out.

5. A good-night kiss

No matter how tired you are in the evening, do not sleep without kissing each other good-night. If you have a schedule that makes you come in so late that your partner is asleep, still go and kiss them on their cheek or forehead. Even asleep, they will feel it.

Also, do this every morning too. Wake others up with a kiss and a hug or cuddle. Touching and telling how much you love each other every day goes a long way.

6. Do something adventurous

If you feel like you are losing touch with your partner, and you need to reconnect, do it now. Stop procrastinating and plan an adventurous day together.

Do something different from what you two are used to. It will allow both of you to explore something new and see each other’s reaction to the same.

Maybe join a dance or spin class. Or go on a hike, if that is something you both always wanted to do but didn’t.

7. Plan a romantic getaway


Go on a two-day trip if you cannot afford more holidays. But go and make sure it is just you two so that you can reconnect emotionally and sexually. I know that this may be hard for most couples with kids, but if not for two days, maybe for some hours, you can go to a resort or something.

Marriage takes effort, and you need to try your best to not let it become boring or take each other for granted. Try these tips and your marriage will certainly become spicier.