Sony decides to upgrade Slim and Pro version of the PlayStation


NEW YORK – PlayStation 4 will not only be lighter and thinner, but it will also be slightly cheaper. Furthermore, Sony’s Pro device will contain 1-terabyte hard drive and images with high resolution, which is a dream of every die-hard gamer.

These updates of the video game console were announced at the gathering on Times Square on Wednesday. At the same time, Apple was busy in San Francisco, where they revealed updates for the Apple Watch as well as the iPhone.

The price of the new improved PlayStation 4 will be $300, which is $50 less than the previous version. It is expected to be in the market later in September. Sony hopes that it will be a successful substitution to the already existing model.

According to the Japanese electronics giant, more than 40 million consoles have been sold so far.

The event lasted less than an hour, and only three speakers addressed the crowd. This implies that not only Sony but also other companies focus more on small but more common upgrades. With that being said, customers can easily adapt and get used to the constant changes. For both consumers and producers, this is far better than the changes of the entire systems which had been the practice before.