Inuit Elders Warn: Earth has moved, something dangerous is happening with our planet


Looking back on what has happened in the world over the past few years, it is obvious that the number of natural disasters and catastrophes has increased.

Some think that global warming, humanity and our way of life are to be blamed for, while others are convinced that it is all just a part of natural cycles. In June 2017 there was a gigantic warning: a massive glacier of several trillion tons, four times larger than London, broke down and sank off Antarctica.

Under the name A68, a monstrous iceberg of 5,800 square kilometers broke out of an ice sheet called “Larsen C.” According to reports, it is one of the largest glaciers that has ever broken off, whose volume is twice as large as Lake Erie, a MIDAS report showed.

According to a number of experts, not only is this situation troubling but it is also highly alarming. Reports show that global warming has never been as dangerous as today, and according to US reports, in parts of that country, the average temperature has risen to 5 degrees on average.

However, the massive glacier that has recently broken off is just the beginning, according to the experts, and a serious catastrophe threatens our planet in due course because people are leading to the biological extermination of wild animals.

According to Inuit elders, who are traditionally excellent weather forecasters because they live in harmony with nature, learning fairly simple and often neglected signals of our planet, the problem is not only with global warming. Namely, these natives in the Arctic regions of Canada, the United States and Greenland say that the climate is not to be blamed for everything, but in four words “the land has moved.”

The elders thus warned the US Space Agency (NASA) that the Sun is no longer rising in the same place where it had been rising before. They also warned that their days last longer than ever before, and claim that the positions of the Moon and the stars have changed, which is another reason of the temperature change and terrible storms that have recently hit the planet.

– Something dangerous is happening to Earth – warn the elders.