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Since the invention of automobiles, humans cannot live without technology. The convenience that is brought about by motor vehicles cannot be understated. They are the most widely used form of transportation in work today. Technological advancements are continually being made to automobiles to make them more efficient and safer to use.

The smart car technology has been possible thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the use of computers, and automation. All these advanced technologies combined are continually being modified and developed to make smart cars even more efficient. There are also new smart cars that boast an increased intelligence level such as Sevecom, ComuniCar, and others.

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With all the research going on in the smart car sector, The European Commission has started a program called the Intelligent Car Flagship Initiative. The role of the initiative is to ensure that the smart cars have important features such as a lane departure warning system, Autonomous Cruise Control, and, for drivers suffering from lethargy, project AWAKE.

Companies such as the Sandown-Group and other smart car distributors ensure that the needs of each client are met. Smart cars vary depending on the features, which can be what makes them expensive compared to other ordinary cars. A few smart car manufacturers in the market are experiencing the switch from carbon fuel to fully electric cars. There are also options for buying used or new smart cars – check out to learn more about it.

Smart cars already use available technology to enhance their performance on the road. For example, they use a wireless connection or infrared technologies to interpret road signs, traffic lights, and signals. This technology also comes in handy when the road is curved which helps to mitigate avoidable road accidents.

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The new smart car comes with even more features that enable the driver to navigate traffic congestion using the global positioning system (GPS) together with the previously mentioned technologies. There have been reports that the technology for driverless cars might already be possible, which is quite exciting. The need to eliminate errant drivers who are responsible for the majority of accidents on the road such as drunk drivers, drivers driving while fatigued, or careless drivers is taken very seriously by researchers.

The environmental consequences of using traditional cars that used carbon fuel cannot be understated. The new smart cars will include pollution control measures that will limit the harmful emotions to the environment. The use of economical energy such as electricity and solar energy is good not just for the environment but is cheaper for the owner. Smart car technology also assures the owner of the safety of the car with the anti-lock braking systems. This makes the car secure from break-ins and alternatively easy to track when lost.

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Finally, Smart cars are automobiles of the future as explained above. People who are worried about the carbon footprint being left behind by traditional vehicles have a suitable alternative in smart cars. Those who live in congested cities can also benefit from new smart cars because they occupy very little space.


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