Smart Bra Tips to Make You Look Younger


Women are always on the lookout to look their best! Looking younger today has become more critical than looking chic or fashionable. Most women run a trial and error process with their cosmetics, dress, accessories, and many more. There’s another department where women are continually struggling – lingerie, especially to get their bra size correct. According to several studies and research, most women don’t know that they are wearing the wrong lingerie size. And so, the struggle to get it correct begins!

While on the topic of getting the bra size correct, women also need to discover a few pertinent facts. For instance, not many women know that with smart bra selection guidelines, they can look up to 10 years younger or more. Most women want to look young and fresh! And while the most search for the best face lotions, expensive Botox, anorexic diets and many more – the secret lies in selecting the correct bra.

How are youth and correct bra size linked?

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Try and imagine a grumpy looking woman, frowning and tired! 99% of the time she is going to have a droopy bust line. Or so what most think, which isn’t far from reality! The truth is when you have sagging breasts, and it spills out on the sides of the bra, and you look aged and fatigued. That’s not an attractive image.  

Having your breasts in proper form, shape, and size is the mark of youth! Hence, you must sneak into your cupboard, make some changes, and wear the correct bra. And while you do this, you might discover the right bra size for you, which might be a size less or more than what you are wearing now. Measuring yourself well is the key to finding the best lingerie for yourself that will help you look young. To know more about this, you can get in touch with a bra size calculator. To read more about that click here.

Are you thinking about how to use the correct bra to look young? If yes, then we have you covered. You can refer to the following smart tips and make use of it according to your convenience.

Opt-in for a professional fitting bra

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Breasts change size! Your current breast size is not what you had all your life. Hence, your bra size also changed over these years. Also, with the passage of year’s women undergo hormonal fluctuations, weight changes, and changes in the body because of medicines, exercise, and sedentary life. And all these changes bring about a difference in breast shape and size as well. According to recent statistics, about 85% of women wear the wrong bra size. Sometimes, they even get the bra type wrong. No two breasts are like! Hence, it is essential to get a professional fitting bra. When you do that, you will get impressed with the remarkable difference that you get to experience. Getting the correct bra fit is the first step towards using your bra to look years younger. 

You can walk into the lingerie section of a reputed shopping mall and ask a professional to help you decipher the correct bra size. Else, some brands make customized bras based on individual body requirements. You can join hands with these brands as well.

You need to opt-in for a snug band

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Wearing loose-fitting garments at night does facilitate good sleep! But by that logic, you shouldn’t be wearing a loose bra that will make your breasts appear sagging. The band needs to be snug and firm. However, ensure that it’s not too tight by inserting two fingers behind the band. Also, you need to attach it to the extreme hook side. It helps to keep your boobs in perfect shape and alignment. Since your bra gets made of elastic, eventually it will stretch. Then you can adjust the hooks accordingly. You need to ensure that the bra band doesn’t go high up on the back and result in bulging. It should be flat at the center of the end and keep your breasts in the correct place.

No overflow at all

It might be an embarrassing question to ask yourself, but you need to know this! Do the bra cups run over? Does the fat or flabby tissue on your breasts flow out of the bra cups? If yes, you need to adjust this and ensure that your bra doesn’t cause this situation in the first place. If your bra doesn’t work to avoid this overflow, you must purchase another bra. Is there a space on the cup top? If yes, it is essential to get a lesser size. When you wear a full cup size bra, it appears very useful.

A center alignment

It is an important trick that you need to learn and master! When you dress, simply lead a little forward and ensure that your breasts get spilled in the bra. You can stand for a while gradually and manage your nipples and allow them to get aligned right at the cup center. The bra center also needs to stay very flat against the breastbone. It is applicable for the underwire bras as well. 

Make sure to hold it high

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According to lingerie experts and designs, it is one of the crucial tips. Get your breasts up from the tummy! It will look good and will also give a youthful appearance. Furthermore, it will make you look as if you are ten pounds less than you are. You should always aim to position your bust in between the shoulders as well as the elbows for increased perkiness. That helps to give your upper torso a taut look and makes you look years younger than what you are.

However, before you carry out these experiments, it is essential to get your bra size correct! Also, you should choose the right bra type. Whether you are selecting a lace bra or a push-up bra, you need to have valid reasons for that. Without the correct fit and size, you wouldn’t be able to leverage your bra to flaunt a youthful appearance.