15 Small Kitchen Ideas to Steal Information from

Kitchen island in a large family kitchen

Designing kitchen can be overwhelming when it comes to creating a perfect blend of form and function. Having a small kitchen does not inhibit the potential of the kitchen’s design. We are here to transform your small kitchen into tip-top shape in terms of aesthetics and function. Roll up your sleeves as the insanely cool small kitchen ideas are some second away from you.

1. Task Lighting for kitchen

No one will notice how big or small your kitchen is unless you have contemporary and attractive lighting. The task lighting can fit in any big or small kitchen to brighten the workspace, adding some style statement. Have a look at this expert-approved kitchen idea to inspire you and make it look dreamy.

2. Add a mirror to make your small kitchen look big

Adding a mirror to the wall makes it appear larger and gorgeous. It adds aesthetic beauty and is great when you have a great view to show. Make sure to use a high-quality mirror that can withstand the temperature fluctuation and play a vital part in decorating the wall.

3. Warm-up your kitchen with a rug

If you cannot do anything with cramped space, think out of the box and style up the small kitchen by putting up a rug. It is great if you are living in a cold area. Adding a rug creates a distinctive and cozy vibe and makes your kitchen stand out from the rest of your relative’s.

4. Install mini wine fridge

Having a small kitchen does not inhibit you from collecting and displaying your favorite wines.  It looks super stylish, though it cannot hold as many wines as a large-sized fridge can. Considering the small place and using the available space wisely, installing a mini wine fridge is a perfect idea. Have a look at this insanely cool and compact-sized mini wine fridge installed precisely by a pro.

5. Organize strategically

There is no denying that shelves always play an instrumental role when it comes to displaying your ancient or expensive collectibles. They are economical and the best type of furniture you can have to display anything you like -be it books, photographs, toys, decoration pieces or framed certificates.  If you are into buying oak floating shelves to embellish any corner of the room looks no further than handcraftedshelves.com.

6. Opt for small appliances

High-quality small appliances are available in the market. Consider having a microwave-convection-browning appliance or a tiny sink or a deep sink to conceal utensils. Most women are inclined to buy deep sinks because they keep the kitchen clutter-free due to their feature to conceal dirty dishes and pots.

7. Install a pot rack

Do bulky pots and pans take most of your usable space? The perfect solution to the problem is to install a hanging pot rack that will not take floor space at all. Moreover, it can also add up a room in cabinets for other kitchen appliances. Hanging pot racks will also protect your cookware, which is especially important if you’ve invested in some top quality pans, like those included in this Helpful Chef guide.

8. Hang the colorful mugs

You must have some vibrant looking mugs in your kitchen. Why don’t you hang them to make an empty wall vivid? It not just makes the mugs more accessible but also free up some space in cabinets for other essentials. You can mount any rack or hooks beneath a shelf to hang more beautiful mugs or wine glass.

9. Add drawers inside your cabinet

Installing cabinet drawers are easy as pie, neither you put a significant effort nor it creates any dent in your wallet. The drawers make an assortment of bulky pans, and lids easier to access. It keeps everything in place and helps you to avoid additional clutter.

10. Wall artworks

Remember, your kitchen is not an exception! Like any room of your house, the kitchen too deserves artwork. Choose the artwork that can depict something about your choices in the kitchen or can amp up the kitchen design to many folds.

11. Use small baskets for storage

Shelves, cabinets, drawers are instrumental in keeping all kitchen essentials in place but not to mention the role of kitchen baskets – the cheapest and perfect item to have when you are running out of space for expensive cabinetry. However, make sure to choose the basket that can complement the vibe of your kitchen.

12. Be strategic while choosing cabinet surfaces

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry, be wise, and think out of the box because they play a major role in the aesthetics of your kitchen. There are a plethora of choices to pick from, however, you should choose mirror or metaled finishes to style up the kitchen and make it appear bigger.

13. Paint an accent wall

Transform any accent wall into a bright and stylish wall with the help of some bold hues. Covering the tiny kitchen with different statements can make your place dreamier and more personalized. You can decide on any color of your choice to make the wall looking exciting.

14. Add backless stool

when it comes to utilizing the small space effectively, adding a backless stool that can conveniently be slipped under the counter is an excellent idea. Choose the color of stools that blends well with the island.

15. Bring in the industrial edge

Open shelves tend to amp up the industrial vibes allowing you to display all the important utensils including glass, dishes, water jugs, or even a spoon stand. Choose a neutral color or one that can blend with the overall kitchen theme.