Here Is Why Smackdown Episode Proved That Cena Won’t Retain The Title At Elimination Chamber


The latest episode of the Smackdown Live was pretty good as it had good pacing and a lot of exciting moments. The show had a great flow, and it was easy and fun to watch. The beginning was done well with four of the six superstars that will be in the Elimination Chamber in the ring to start the show. The main event was icing on the cake as Cena and Orton, with Wyatt and Luke Harper did a great job in building towards the Elimination Chamber PPV this Sunday.

During the show itself, we have seen a couple of things that are indicating that John Cena won’t be the one that will win the Chamber match and retain his WWE Championship. First of all, the fact that we have seen John Cena going up against the Viper, Randy Orton, on free TV and a regular episode of Smackdown Live is the indication that Cena won’t be the Champion going into the Wrestlemania. Remember, Orton is the winner of the Royal Rumble, and he will face anybody that is the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 33.

Now, when these two faced off on Smackdown, WWE probably won’t be booking Cena going up against The Apex Predator yet again. They already had a lot of feuds in the past, and they wouldn’t be going at each other on Smackdown if they were bound for a WM33 match.

The other thing that points to Cena losing his title on Sunday is the fact that he won the fight on Smackdown. WWE usually has someone win before the PPV, so he does look strong during the match in which he is going to lose the title. Cena pinned Orton after the help of Luke Harper, so this probably means that both of them will be losing their matches on Sunday. Harper will lose to Orton while Cena will lose his title in the Chamber.