Sleepy Hollow cancelled by FOX?!


Well, Sleepy Hollow fans, we are very sorry to inform you, but the show is apparently being canceled, it is a sure thing, and it’s coming straight from FOX. This news broke out on Tuesday but FOX didn’t stop there, they also pulled a plug on the third season of the TV show called Rosewood.

As it turned out these decisions are not a huge surprise because according to USA TODAY’s 20th annual Save Our Shows analysis both series found themselves under the “canceled, nearly dead” category. Thanks to this FOX has, like all other broadcast networks, decided to clear their show list in order to prepare their 2017-2018 prime-time lineup just days before presenting it to advertisers next week in New York. With the departures of Rosewood and Sleepy Hollow, Fox is definitely making room for something special, and that something special will be Marvel’s drama The Gifted which has already been announced on Tuesday.

Sleepy Hollow, as most of you know, is an American supernatural drama television series that stars Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in a fantastic retelling of the Washington Irving story. It had some initial success in the first two seasons but unfortunately last year, season three managed to lose its touch, and it nearly dodged the plug. But the fourth season is definitely the end of the story, which is aided by some changes in this season like the absence of Nicole Beharie, whose Abbie Mills character was killed in season 3.

Rosewood on the other hand, which promised a lot, in the beginning, is getting shut down after only two seasons. The show is an American police procedural drama series which featured Morris Chestnut playing Miami’s top private pathologist role. It’s a sad thing that these shows are being canceled, but we do think that FOX has a bigger picture in front of them, and as far as we have seen it the new Marvel series The Gift promises a lot.