The future of Sky Wizards Academy Season 2 is not known for the time being. There is even a question if it is going to be renewed or canceled. But the rumors have it that the sequel of this anime series will be brought to life at some point.

The Season 2 of Sky Wizards Academy

When it comes to the future, the whole mankind has been wiped out from the face of Earth. Only some insect creatures managed to survive and continue to live on the Planet. But people have risen to the skies where they created the enormous flying platforms. However, they are still not safe, not even there.

Monsters present a real threat even this far, and the ordinary weapon doesn’t do them any actual harm. As a means to defend themselves, people have come up with air combat mages. On the other hand, there is also the government which has chosen a special list of combative young people. But apart from that, the government is also having another issue on its mind, and that is the problem of education.

Even the children who are very skilled and talented, need to learn a lot. So the magical city Mystogan Academy takes the best teachers to teach all kids. And the storyline revolves mostly around two characters, 14-year-old Mysore and Lect Rico.

Long awaited Season 2 is still to be discussed. The Diomedéa studio is eagerly anticipated to announce any news on the matter officially. Having that the series aired all the way back on July 8, 2015, we can only hope that the second season will come out anytime soon.


  1. This anime needs another season because there’s a story of kanata that is not clear why he became like that

  2. PLS BRING SKY WIZARDS ACADEMY BACK A LOT OF PEOPLE WERE EXPECTING TO GET SEASON 2 OUT OR IF NO SEASON 2 PLS MAKE MORE EPISODES, btw pls work on sky wizards academy cause just for me i think you guys put all your tiredness in fairy tail and 1 more thing 1 of the episodes in this anime said that misora’s mother was forgotten when she just disappeared just like this anime forgotten and not that much people are still expecting season 2 pls i want a season 2 or more episodes this is the best anime i have ever watched pls don’t make our hopes be dreams


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