We’ve all known Skoda for their hatchbacks, sedans, wagons and even crossovers. However what we didn’t have a chance to see is a coupe. Well, are we in for a surprise? Let’s see.

Almost a month ago we received some info that the Czech automaker have plans to produce a coupe variation of their new Kodiaq. That is one of the crossovers that have been planned. However, that car won’t resemble traditional coupes (2 doors), but it will probably look more in line with similar models on the market as the BMW X6.


We have acquired a render (courtesy of X-Tomi Design) which shows that this car will have a sportier look. That also means less utility for it. This render really gave us a precise idea of what this one will look like. As you can see it will have sloping roofline and four doors (plus tailgate), a similar approach like for few other models in the segment.

BMW has done this already, and it looks like Skoda might execute ideas of BMW better than the actual BMW. Mercedes follows with coupe variations of GLE and GLC. Audi and Volkswagen are also rumored to have some similar concepts and ideas. And why shouldn’t they? BMW’s success of the X4 and the X6 gave them the wind in the back, and another proof that this is one of the most popular segments is the fact that the X2 model is on the way.


If you ask us, we do understand company’s idea behind this, why not try and exploit a successful recipe to the fullest extent. It certainly could do good to their sale figures. However, imagine how this will look 20-30 years from now. Is this trend going to be something that we will gladly remember? We won’t know until then. One thing we know now is that Skoda is really becoming a fierce rival to BMW at least when it comes to the idea of coupe crossover. Are they going to outdo the Germans? We will see.


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