Six Reasons You Should Start Surfing

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Everyone knows that training outside beats the gym any day of the week. Activity is much more rewarding when done outside, surrounded by nature. For example, an activity that you can only do outside is surfing, a sport that offers major physical benefits. Naturally, while surfing, you can experience some of the most beautiful places in the world. If this does not convince you to try it, maybe some of the best surf camps will. In this article, we prepared for you six reasons why you should surf, so let us start!

  1. Surfing is a workout for the whole body. Many other types of workouts claim to be a perfect combo of strength and cardio, which simply cannot be true. Surfing, however, is, as you first paddle to the waves, while literally every aspect of it is a test of your balance, strength, stamina, and agility.
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  2. Sometimes overlooked, surfing teaches you patience. Learning new activities can take time, but with surfing, it takes a bit longer. It takes a while to develop the skill, but hitting milestones is very rewarding and fulfilling. Standing up for the first time will make you feel great, and riding your first wave will be one of the best memories of your life.
  3. Surfing will allow for more travelling. You should not have excuses to travel the world, but if you have a hobby like surfing, you simply have to travel a lot. Meeting new people who share the passion and exploring new beaches will prolong and cement your love for this sport, or renew it if it has been a while since you rode a wave.
  4. Most important for many, surfing brings us closer to nature in a very special way. Perspective is unique while surfing, as you get a completely new look on the ocean. Moving through the water and riding the waves like this cannot be done anywhere else. Surfers generally respect the ocean and love nature and wildlife. Tides and waves are their friends, so they are all in when it comes to preservation.
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  5. A forgotten benefit is tanning, as you will be tan all the time without focusing on it at all. A natural tan is hard to get and maintain, as you need to spend a lot of time outside, and people do not have that sort of time. In addition, hikers, runners, and cyclists have bad tan lines because of their gear, although they are always outside. Surfers are famous for their tans, as it is easier to get it because of the lack of clothes and equipment necessary to be good at the sport.
  6. The surfers’ culture is very unique and celebrated across the world. The stereotypical surfers are the laidback younger people with long hair, tanned and passionately love the ocean and beaches. Surfers are cool people, and they are not that bad. Their culture, in reality, is much deeper and more obscure. They focus on preserving the ocean, enjoying themselves through the sport and sharing the waves. The tradition is widely accepted and popular in oceanside cities throughout every continent.