Shrek 5, big, scary, ogar is back! With his not so small family


Good news for ones who missed big, green and lovely ogre named Shrek. He is back in theater in 2019 with his funny friends, and Fiona, of course.

In Shrek 5, we again have a chance to hear Eddie Murphy’s voice as a comic Donkey and Cameron Diaz as Fiona. An interesting fact is that the babies are all grown up, and this unusual family is funnier than ever.

The different thing about Shrek 5 is that we can see that enemies became friends, new characters, and as much of comic situation as always. But maybe we will have a chance to see princesses like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella going to shopping or spa day, who knows?

Donkey fans will see his romance with Dragon, in so much comic and clumsy situations. Will they decide to divorce, or their love will become stronger than ever?

Like in all Shrek movies, there must come up a problem. This time, Lord Farquaad is eaten by a dragon, and there is, of course, somebody who wants to revenge his death.

Last, but not the less important information is that the Poor Gingerbread Man will show in a new outfit, with all gumdrop buttons that he lost three years ago. What a mitigating fact, right?

Will Shrek and his family succeed in their mission to save a dragon, with donkey help, of course? Will all gumdrop buttons stay where they belong?

If you want answers on these and so many other questions, you will have to wait a “little” bit longer and go to the nearest theater and see. Latest info suggests that this movie will be launched in 2019.