Should Your Kids Train MMA?

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When most people think of mixed martial arts, they imagine masculine men fighting to the death. It is just a stereotype that makes it difficult to understand the whole concept behind this full-contact combat sport. Training MMA is a lifelong journey that people should begin in childhood. If you are not sure whether to enroll your kids in martial arts or not, here are some things you should know:


Crazy88MMA coaches teach their students to use their fighting skills only for protecting themselves. It is not allowed to attack someone outside the class.

Kids should be able to defend themselves in dangerous situations. According to a study conducted by, more than three million kids become victims of physical bullying in the United States every year. That’s why it is better to prepare your kids to fight back. Training MMA can also help build confidence in kids and overcome anxiety.


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The MMA coach always makes sure all kids are safe. So, the chances that your kids will get injuries during the training are pretty low. Training capoeira, karate, judo or Brazilian jiu-jitsu can help children stay active and fit. Isn’t it better for them to be in the gym rather than play with their phones?

Let’s not forget that MMA is the full-body workout- it helps improve reflexes, flexibility and develop motor skills.

Social skills

All MMA schools teach their students how to cooperate. During the first class, the coach explains the importance of teamwork and friendship and encourages students to respect each other. It can be an opportunity for your kids to socialize and make new friends outside of school.

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