Should we expect to see a match between The Rock and Triple H?


We have recently seen Dwayne The Rock Johnson in several movies, including the Fast & Furious franchise, Baywatch, and Moana, but the actor is also known for his successful wrestling career. In fact, it has been speculated that we’ll have the opportunity to see the great wrestler in the ring again soon. Moreover, some rumors suggest that the match he’ll take part in will be against Triple H, another iconic name in WWE.

For those of you who are not that familiar with Johnson’s wrestling days, let us remind you that he has already fought Triple H, but the two seem to be on friendly terms, though their relationship is still mostly competitive. When asked about him and The Rock, Triple H said: “About two years ago, he and I did a backstage promo with each other where we talked about WrestleMania and the competitive nature of it and it lit up the internet about the possibility of it. It’s something we’ve discussed. It’s just making schedules work, he’s pretty busy I am too. But hey, right place, right time? I’ll dance one more time with The Great One, Rock.”


Whether this highly awaited match will really take place or not, one thing’s for sure – the very idea of seeing these two stars in the ring again is so exciting for the fans. What’s even more important is that such match would, without a doubt, contribute to the popularity of WWE. If there are any viewers who lost their interest in the sport somewhere along the way, a match between Triple H and The Rock would definitely reignite it, but it would also attract new viewers.

Should any of the two wrestlers decide to reveal more about the topic, we’ll make sure you’re the first in line to hear about it, so stay tuned for more news.