Should Bryan Hoyer Start For Bears When Cutler Returns?


Chicago Bears did lose against favored Colts in Indy, but they looked pretty decent and for sure better than when Jay Cutler was under the center. Bryan Hoyer is doing a good job for the Bears. It just makes us wonder if he should remain Chicago’s go-to guy even when Cutler returns to the field.

Bryan Hoyer looks like he is the man for the job. He is moving the chains and this offense just looks better with him. Players want him to be the leader of this team, and he just might be taking over Cutler’s job. And we think he will. Chicago looks all but done with Culter. Grant it, Hoyer is not the future of this franchise, but at least there is a reason for Bears fans to watch the games on Sundays. And hope for the best.

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Bears even had the chance to win this match, but Andrew Luck turned it on in the final period of the game and led his team to victory. Hoyer was just as impressive doing his job as his rival. He went 33/43 with 397 passing yards and two TDs with no picks.

When Week 5 is over, we will look at this performance and say that it was one of the best of all players that played this round.

We are talking about a QB situation in Dallas with Romo and Prescott, just like we are talking about Colin Kaepernick and 49ers. Now, Hoyer and Cutler is the next quarterback duo that people will talk about in the coming days.