Shannara Chronicles Season 2: News about the release date, cast crew and other


Fans of the interesting TV Show – The Shannara Chronicles can start celebrating as the series is coming back with its second season. Due to the success of the series it wasn’t hard to predict that it would be renewed sometime in the future. However, taking into account that its production did cost a huge amount of money, as having all ten episodes of season 1 filmed in the New Zealand, one could have questioned the series’ future.

For those who are not familiar with the series’ storyline, it has placed all the characters in the fictional Four Lands, and it is set in the distant future. The network wanted heavily to promote this TV Show, and its pilot episode cost went through the roof, and the total bill was higher than any other pilot for other series. Three heroes fighting against the villains who want to clear Four Lands of living beings would be the basic description of it.

Shannara Chronicles Season 2 Release Date Rumors

MTV has been managing to hide the release date of the sequel for a long time, but according to the rumors, the show will arrive sometime during the summer of 2017. Even though the first season was released in January 2016, it will take more than a year before the next season comes up.

Among the cast crew in the first season we’ve seen: Arrow’s Manu Bennett, Pan’s Labyrinth’s Ivana Baquero, The Carrie Diaries’ Austin Butler as well as Poppy Drayton.

When asked to talk about the next season as well as its connection to the storyline of the first one, this was what Terry Brooks said:

“This is an interesting debate that’s ongoing. When I first saw this I thought, ‘Well, we should just move on and do a whole new season that involves the next book and forget about this season.’ But of course MTV said, ‘Are you crazy? We’re building fan support for these actors, we can’t boot them out of there and bring all-new people in!’ And I said, ‘Well, they could be the same characters, just the children or whatever…’ that didn’t work.”

“It became clear that they were going to build the story around the actors they have right now, and that was going to be the thrust of the story no matter what. But they are free to remove elements from other books, and I think they will do that. They’ve already been talking about Wishsong and using bits and pieces or large chunks of that storyline and building around the characters they already have, which isn’t too difficult to do. So that’s what they will do. What shows tend to do when adapting books is do the first season and then go off in different directions, so I forsee my duty as being to help them get there in the best way possible.”

We believe that many things will remain the same when it comes to the characters of the first season. And when it comes to the fate of Amberle he continued:

“Yeah, actually, although you might wonder how, and I won’t tell you, but we gave some serious thought to that, and there was a lot of talk about bringing her back out of the tree and so forth, but I said “No, she’s a tree [laughs], you can’t bring her back, that’s terrible storytelling, you have to find a different way.” So then I told them how they could do it, so we’ll see. But yeah, I think she’s signed on for another season or so, and she’ll back for that. I know that she probably wishes she’d gotten a different role, because she really liked the series, but her life was finite in that particular storyline.”