Seth Rollins And Triple H Duel Set For Wrestlemania


This was one of the last matches that had been made official for Wrestlemania 33. We all knew that it was probably going to happen, but still, with the injury of Seth Rollins, there was always a chance for this duel to be canceled. He did look good in the segments when he had to get physical so that is why everybody was encouraged that this match would happen.

Now, on Monday Night Raw, the company made it official. They have set up this contract signing with The Game and The Architect. The deal says that Seth Rollins agrees to a match with Triple H, but that he later can’t sue him, his wife Stephanie McMahon, his family or anybody else involved because of the fact that he was battling while injured.


Seth Rollins had no problem with that as he stated that he is entering this match in order to get back to who he was before he teamed up with Triple H a couple of years ago. He wants to get back to being “Seth Freaking Rollins.”

The duel is going to be one of the marquee battles on Sunday night as Seth Rollins is one of the biggest stars that WWE has while Triple H is always a special attraction and is a legend in the organization.


Now, it seems that the logical move here would be for The Game to put over Rollins, but since in this match the DQ’s can’t happen, it is possible for Samoa Joe to get involved. Maybe that happens, and then we might see Finn Balor return. Or, maybe we just get a clear cut winner in Seth Rollins. It will be interesting to see what happens on Sunday Night.