Seraph of the end Season 3 Release Date


Owari No Seraph or in plain English Seraph of the end is Japanese manga which was, as it is often the case, made into an Anime. Manga edition was serialized by Shueisha since September the third of 2012 in monthly shōnen manga magazine Jump SQ. After its growth in popularity anime adaptation was what followed.

Owari no Seraph had two seasons from which the first one gained most of the popularity while the second one did not meet expectations or standards set by the first one. Nevertheless, Season 3 is widely expected to happen. First estimates claimed that Owari No Seraph would happen before the end of 2016, but now it’s obvious that didn’t happen, so the question remained. When is season 3 going to be delivered?!

There is no official date set for Seraph of the end Season 3 release, but one thing is sure there will be a sequel. So, to determine Season three launch date we didn’t use Internet rumors or Reddit theories but rather a simple math. First two season which consisted of twelve episodes each were aired in the same year. The first season was aired from April till June and the second one from October to December. The show was derived from the first forty-one chapter of the manga. Parts of the anime storyline which surpassed the chapters of the manga were personally written by mangaka Takaya Kagami.


Seraph of the end Season 3 release date

After the airing of first two season manga continued its monthly publishing and so far there are fifty-three chapters available. By simply dividing anime episodes into manga chapters we can conclude that twelve episodes of anime take twenty or twenty-one chapter of the manga. So we need at least eight more manga chapters to gather material for another season of Owari no Seraph anime.

Being a monthly edition as it is Owari of the end will have the desired amount of material for anime adaptation not before the end of September. Taking into account the creating process of manga being adapted into anime, and animation process itself, we get the first possible date for the airing of Season 3. You probably figured it by yourself but the first available timeline for Owari No Seraph Season 3 to air is Anime Winter Season of 2018. That’s that folk, one long year of wait is ahead of us.

Seraph Of The End Update 06/06/2017:

As we all know Seraph Of The End manga was written by Takaya Kagami and for the purposes of anime, it was illustrated by Yamato Yamamoto with storyboards by Daisuke Furuya. Many questions regarding the sequel went their direction, but we still don’t have any official info regarding the new episodes batch.

Latest info that we have from the writer is that studio didn’t approach him for seasons 3 and even if they did it wouldn’t happen anytime soon as he want’s to postpone it further. One of the possibilities is the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

We already mentioned that at this moment there isn’t enough of material for the new season and this is the main cause of this delay. Another reason is the fact that the writer want’s to create more material and for the manga to be in front of anime when it comes to the story. It is quite logical as we could see few of the animes gain more popularity than manga plus many fans stop buying manga after anime is launched especially if the animated version goes forward with the story.

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Lack of material for the sequel is not the only thing that is preventing the anime to be continued. It is a well-known fact that the first season was a lot more popular and that it received a lot better ratings than it was with the sequel. Something like this needs to be prevented with the Seraph Of The End Season 3, and the creator want’s it to be a lot better than previous one.

In conclusion, when it comes to Seraph Of The End Season 3 release date we could expect to see it at the beginning of 2019, and it sounds like the best option for the studio and people in charge.

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  1. So um it’s been a while and are you sure Seraph Of The End season 3 is coming out soon cause honestly I’m going insane 😭😂

  2. Well it’s 2019 now, beginning of the new year. I hope it’ll be soon.. Well I’ll keep searching the sites, hope it will soon come out 🙂

    PS: Happy lately New Year guys!

  3. Ich freue mich mega das noch eine kommen wird ich hatte angst das es nicht weiter geht aber jetzt bin ich beruhigt
    und freue mich sehr auf eine neue Staffel das ist das warten wert.

  4. The grammar & punctuation in this article is appalling, although informative somewhat.

  5. I’m quite happy that we at least get a season 3, so it doesn’t really matter to me when it is released. Actually, I would rather they take their time and make it into a great season than having it as a trashy rushed season like some animes *AHEM* HAGANAI *AHEM* But I can’t wait! this anime was so awesome to watch, I mean… I finished both seasons in one day, ah I guess you could say one day one night… I suppose the manga will have to do for now. Anyways I hope this really comes out at the end of 2018/beginning of 2019 😀

  6. well, it’s 2018 now. so just one more year i suppose. how bad is that. just have patience guys 🙂

  7. Expect people not wanting to wait that long, the anime will be forgotten if the magazine of Shouen Jump keeps getting the manga in the head start, this is what they did with Attack on Titan and when those mangas were already years ahead of a season 3, still people will have to wait till the next few years. So in all honesty is TV Tokyo gets their nuts out of the bag and create some good anime instead of that useless kid stuff, then the date of its release like with both Owari no Seraph and Shingeki No Kyojin (Attack on Titan) season 3, can be realized alot faster. Trust me i read their mangas and they also come in a deluxe edition with alot more than 5 chapters, a max of 11 chapters of one series in a paperpack. So if the studios do this in 2019 expect none to watch the anime anymore.

    One way only remains and that is what they did with the anime Bleach aswell, drop the manga and go straight to the anime. This way it saves time and money, besides most anime are created by use of CGI and Digital Graphics design anyways, it is basicly a moving manga on its own. And it would save them alot of trouble in the first place.

    However 2018/2019, won’t do tell them this, VELO, if they continue doing it this old fashioned, then expect alot of anime/manga fans to get dissapointed and simply request the entire series including the manga being closed down for the lack of professionalism of the creators.

    So with that all i support the only way, drop the manga, people read it digital these days anyways. And start focussing on the series. Before people decide the entire series is not worth it, because 2 years or more nothing. Only have to wait alot longer. DROP THE MANGA, STOP WASTING PEOPLE’S TIME with that complete BS and start launching new episodes. The big money is brought in with the series, not the manga comics. Making people wait will only result in even less people who would have interest in the series.

    This is the 21st century and it is about time they behaved as like in it. Otherwise they go to another distributor like, Funimation, Viz Media or even Dybex Europe. Atleast then people won’t to wait another 4 years, like Attack on Titan for 12 simple episodes. Besides, for 30 mins, they need 3-4 chapters, so if you calculate alot better, VELO. They can already start.

  8. it amazes me how this is a problem that takes years to correct but one piece has stayed behind the manga and pumping out 1 episode every saturday for many years. the episodes are 5-6 minutes of opening song / recap but it is still impressive. honestly i think they all could release owari no seraph a lot sooner. they could release shingeki no kyojin faster and many more anime. i think they just hate making money combined with no one works harder than oda. one piece wasn’t the only one to have success with years worth of weekly releases. hxh, naruto, bleach, gintama, fairy tail, d. grey-man (for a while) and more have had success without making fans wait 2-5 years for a new season. the best and most popular seem to have success in doing this. would more anime be as successful and popular if they had better work ethic? i wonder…


  10. Doesn’t mean anything, weirder things have happened.
    Besides, I think that that’s an illustration to end the season, not the series. 🙂

  11. how does that simple comment leads you to think (she?) is a smart person? just pointed out a technicism

  12. man I am talking about the novel not the manga
    there is a LN for seraph of the end that worked as a prequel to the story which gurue is the MC and its very important to understand the story
    if you didn’t read them you don’t know anything about the story or chrarcter or how the world work from the start

  13. You’re absolutely right about the anime being split into parts, but you’re kind of being a smart a**… I mean, you seem like an intelligent person, so you must get what they’re trying to say. I’m not trying to start an argument, I just wanted to put that out there. (By the way, it doesn’t really matter what it’s called, seasons or parts, they’re still segments of a TV show, and all that really matters is that we might get more of it.) ^_^

  14. All of you need to realize that there isn’t even a Season 2 of this anime yet. If you read what the official site and official DVD sets say, it states that it’s Season 1 part 1 (episodes 1-12) and Season 1 part 2 (episodes 13-24). So no, there can’t be a season 3 if there isn’t even a season 2.

  15. HURRY with season 3 already…. I only watched this recently but it is now my FAVORITE..and I NEED a Season 3….

  16. It’s really not enough, missing 8 chapters will have a toll on what the finished product will be, thats IF there will be a season 3. There are plenty of anime with 2 seasons that needed another which don’t.

  17. am I the only one who see seoson 2 better than seosn 1 in every way possible by the way they can make seosn 3 from the novels
    cant they ??? ITS ENOUGH AT LEAST for 24 EPSIODES


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