Top 6 Secrets Casinos you might have Missed

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Even if there is so much unknown about the casino industry that one transparent fact, that it is made to take your money, is still overlooked. People who love gambling will put their careers, personal lives, and finances at risk only to enjoy the glitz and glamour of a casino hall. Some will even do that without even leaving their house.

No matter how entertaining playing casino games can be, it doesn’t diminish the fact that you are still gambling your money. And casinos got it all figured out for you. However, the things you might know about this industry, about playing, rules and games might not be 100% transparent. Here are the top 6 gambling secrets you should definitely know if you are a casino fan.

There are games that have higher house advantages

What one might not know about casino games, is that they are all a ripoff but to a different degree, and that is not a myth. There are casino games that are made to give a higher advantage to the house and those that are not so bad. Once you know the rules, the odds and how the game functions, everything is much clearer.

For example, blackjack, craps, baccarat, and video poker are safer games to stick to if you don’t feel like losing all the time. The players might not win a fortune playing these, but the losing percentage is not that high. Then, there are games that will make you want to win but the reality is that winning is unlikely and that the casino has a strong edge. Such games are big six, keno, and double exposure blackjack.

Every part of a casino is made to make you stay and spend more

The more fun you are having in a casino, the more money you will spend. This is very alluring for college students who are in need of some easy and carefree entertainment. If you wish to learn more about how college students like to spend their free time, you can do so at and discover all the different types of games that are popular nowadays.

And until all goes on a downward spiral, you should know that all the casino features are there for a purpose. Parties, friendly staff, flashing lights, glamour, free food. All of it is designed to keep you at your table and spend more and more. Everything is designed to make you feel comfortable and entertained to the level that you cannot even imagine.

If you have ever played in a casino you should know how good it feels to get a bonus, free spins, extra chips or anything on the house. Well, unfortunately, it is all a part of the system, and it is not created to make you win. Sure some perks might sound and look free, but they probably come with an even greater price than you thought.

If you win BIG you will be on their radar


People who win big might think the next moves through carefully. Casinos have top class securities, especially the good ones, and you will constantly be watched. Thus, if you win big you will definitely be on their radar, and they will monitor you closely. Surveillance cameras, dealers, hostesses, waiters and security guards will do all in their power to keep that money in the casino.

Naturally, no one will harass the players, but rather make playing so enjoyable you might want to stay longer. In other words, they want you to spend it there – again. Plus, surveillance of any kind is obligatory in most casinos, as they cannot afford to let the players cheat. To avoid that, or any other kind of inconvenience the majority of casinos are backed up by HD surveillance systems.

Your dealer might be stealing

A professional dealer might seem like they are showing off their card dealing skills, but it is all for a good reason. It is not uncommon that a dealer steals a chip, though it is illegal. In case this happens and someone from the casino staff or a player notices it, the dealer might be going straight to jail.

So, make sure you have your eyes wide open when playing table games at a casino. You could be a victim of fraud without even noticing it – as some of the dealers can have light fingers.

What the dealer is thinking

What is your casino dealer thinking? First of all, dealers would love to get tips from you. It is uncommon that a casino dealer has a fixed salary, they earn most of their incomes from tips. This is why they would prefer you to give them tips rather than chips. The second thing you might not know is that the majority of the dealers are probably pitying you while you are spending your fortune at the casino. When a player is losing, the dealers are actually feeling bad for them. Nevertheless, if a good tipper is winning the dealer can only hope that they don’t start losing.

They know when players are cheating

The guys behind the security cameras, the security guard and the dealers know when you are cheating, and they can see right through you. Keep in mind that they are all highly specialized in what they do, and they are taught how to recognize the signs. They are trained to recognize player’s behaviour related to cheating and they won’t think twice to kick you out.


Ultimately, it is not a secret that the aim of casinos is to earn money and not give you millions. The games and everything is designed to make you have fun, stay longer and spend more. And none of it makes it any less entertaining, indeed. Players will still continue visiting casinos looking for the time of their lives and the possibility to win a fortune. So, the general advice is to enjoy it if you like it, be aware of all their little secrets and gamble responsibly.