Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals – Week 7 Picks And Predictions


This is definitely one of the best if not the best game of this round. Two divisional rivals and Super Bowl contenders are going head to head in primetime. You can’t ask for much more than that. This clash is also very tough to pick so that unpredictability is also adding another level of excitement about this match. It’s an important duel for both of these teams, and it will be interesting to watch who comes out on top.

Arizona Cardinals have stepped up after their poor start. They are slowly but surely becoming the team that is a Super Bowl-caliber while improving on all fronts. David Johnson is by far the best player on the Cards. He is running wild all over the NFL in a dominant fashion. This guy is a threat in both passing and running game, so that makes it even harder for opponents to adjust their defenses to stop him. He will be going up against the Seahawks, and that will give us the chance to see just how good this man really is.

Seattle has been consistent to start the season. They had some downs, like that loss to the Rams in Week 2. But for the vast majority of the time, they have looked like the team that will play in January and battle for the Lombardi Trophy. ‘Hawks have a chance to make a statement in Arizona and to separate themselves from their biggest rivals.

They won’t be able to do that. We like what we see from Cardinals and David Johnson. He will have another good game on Sunday even though it’s a tough matchup for him. But, Cardinals will lean on him, and he will deliver. Arizona wins this one at home 24:20.