Satellite Phone Systems – Everything You Need To Know


Satellite phone systems are becoming more and more popular for several reasons.

The price has come down significantly from earlier times and it’s an excellent method to be able to communicate from the most remote corners of the planet.

The last decade has seen communication leaps and bounds and satellites are no different. There are many reasons why you need a satellite phone system in our modern times, which AmericanSatellite’s blog explained in-depth, but we’ll discuss the basic reasons for this article.

Satellite Applications

Cable has become a popular provider in high-speed internet and now even telephone but there’s one problem. You can’t run cable lines to all the corners of the globe. And radio frequency bandwidths are completely exhausted which means industry had to look elsewhere.

The satellite phone system includes low earth orbiting satellites called LEO satellites which are preferred to geostationary satellites because of the delays experienced with the geostationary satellites. The delay of the geostationary satellites is about 0.5 seconds which is much more disturbing than one might think. It is a distinct disadvantage.

How a Satellite Phone System Works

The satellite phone system is not about one LEO satellite but rather is a constellation of satellites that orbit the earth and sometimes they are so close to the earth that they are rotating so fast they become interesting. So as one is moving out of the horizon another is coming up close with no interruption in service and providing the ability to network around the world.

The technology that is used by the satellite phone system depends on the service provider. Service providers like Iridium or GlobalStar systems use various techniques to transmit data signals.

Companies like Iridium use a time division multiple access schemes that allow for the increase in the number of calls that can be handled at ones. GlobalStar is another satellite phone system that uses code division a new digital technology to control multiple access, satellites, and how call traffic is handled.

With any satellite phone system there must be a method to relay calls from station to station and satellite to the satellite so that those calls from around the planet can be handled in a manner that is productive and feasible for the customer.

Important Use of Satellite Phone System

One of the many reasons that Emergency Preparedness Boards are starting to choose a satellite phone system for their needs during an emergency is because there is no reliance on power or anything attached to the earth so that as long as you’ve got charged batteries you can communicate which is essential during any emergency big or small.

So whether it’s a localized flooding problem that has taken out phone lines and cell towers, or a massive hurricane that has flattened an entire state using a satellite phone system ensures that you not only have communication between your team, it also means that you have communication with the emergency preparedness headquarters and you have communication halfway across the world.

Take your time to choose a satellite phone system that is correct for your type of usage. Choose an emergency package, prepaid, or monthly plan.

GPS Phone Satellites

These days finding a dedicated GPS in a car is not unusual but it’s also not difficult to add a portable GPS or a GPS phone satellite system.

What could be more convenient than being able to get to where you want to go complete with directions just by inquiring about your GPS.

A lot more people are looking for the convenience that GPS offers when it comes to navigation which is also why you are now finding GPS on cellular phones as well as GPS phone satellite systems. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the small screens make it too difficult.

That’s not at all true – with just a little practice you’ll learn to read and navigate the smaller screens and it’s very convenient because you don’t need additional hardware or screens.

Wherever you go your GPS will be.

Another advantage is security. Full GPS systems have a distinct car mount that gives thieves a clue that there is equipment on board and it has resulted in many car break-ins and stolen equipment. That will never be a problem with your GPS phone satellite system. It’s portable and goes where you go. Cellular GPS is the same.

Your GPS phone satellite simply needs to have the navigation software loaded and have a Bluetooth receiver. You can also use a Bluetooth headset if you wish and then have the voice prompts through the headset.

You need to make sure that you get a satellite phone with GPS capability and that your network supports GPS and navigation software. When you receive a call the software pauses letting the call come through. You answer it, talk, and when you disconnect it resumes where it was. If you have the right phone that lets you install the navigation software with the GPS receiver you can do both.

GPS is a great way to quickly and easily know where you are and where you are going. No more big bulky maps. No more getting directions from someone that doesn’t even know how to give directions.

No more discovering you’ve got the wrong map with you or you decided to be adventurous so you don’t have a map. Whatever the reason what’s for certain is that GPS makes things a lot easier and so much more convenient.

So when you are in the market for your Satellite phone make sure that you choose a GPS phone satellite system so that you get the entire package. Even if you don’t need the GPS right now you will have it should the need arise.

And there is no need to spend a great deal of money to get the features. Sometimes it won’t even cost you a dime more. Shop around and remember the internet is an excellent place to get excellent pricing especially on a GPS phone satellite system. So what are you waiting for? Let technology lead the way!