San Diego Chargers vs. Carolina Panthers – Week 14 Picks And Predictions


What can we say about this Carolina Panthers’ season that hasn’t been said already? Their loss to the Seattle Seahawks was just devastating. They didn’t put up a fight at all, Cam Newton was benched to start the match, and it all went downhill for the Panthers from the first minute of the game.

Chargers have one of the best offenses in the NFL, but their division is way too tough for them to make the postseason and come out of it. Phillip Rivers has had another great year even with having to take a lot of risks and throw some passes that shouldn’t be attempted.

Carolina won’t make the postseason, and that is mostly because of their defense. They went from being one of the best defensive teams in the NFL to not being able to make a play when they need to. Chargers are a good offensive squad, and this is going to be a big test from this Carolina’s defense. It needs to step up after that horrid showing in Seattle.

While they are great on the offensive side of the ball, they can’s stop anything on defense. Cam Newton and his quick wideouts will have a great day on Sunday.

Panthers are still a better all-around team than the Chargers, they will be playing on their home turf, and that’s why we are picking them to win this one. It’s going to be a high-scoring contest in which the Panthers will end up victorious. The final score will be somewhere along the lines of 37:30 in favor of the reigning NFC Champions.