Samsung HDR Update Enhances the Colors on its SUHD TVs

Samsung HDR update

Samsung released a new HDR update for their 2016 lineup of quantum dot SUHD TVs, adding a new feature, the “HDR+” setting. This new feature adds in an HDR+ setting that greatly improves contrast, giving brighter colors and deeper dark colors. This can also enhance your experience with content on YouTube, Netflix and Amazon, giving you the highest quality possible right to your living room.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is the latest development in picture quality improvement which really producing better pixels. Another way of picture quality improvement is the UHD or commonly known as 4K which presents more pixels in a screen.

“The HDR+ function offers an exceptional viewing experience to all UHD TV consumers” said Jong-hee Han, Vice President at Samsung Electronics. The High Dynamic Range can make bright areas even brighter, TVs will display more colors and expands the range of the contrast ratio. This also allows you to see much more details in shadows and light areas. These SUHD TVs have 10-bit panels, allowing up to a billion colors if the content supports it.

Samsung claims that HDR is an essential element to the UHD TV era. The new HDR update “HDR+” feature uncovers previously hidden images from darker areas with native HDR video. HDR+ also adds more contrast ratio, making objects easier to see and pop out. As a result making the overall picture on screen much higher quality.

Other benefits of the HDR update

Another big benefit from HDR+ is the ability to upgrade standard dynamic range content to High Dynamic Range picture quality, allowing consumers to watch all their favorite content in HDR mode.

Samsung has added a new setting for picture quality experts who want the most out of HDR, in “Expert Mode” the High Dynamic Range can be customized by calibrating brightness, contrast ratio and gradation. These setting can be found in the “Picture – Special Viewing” options, where you can toggle HDR mode.

This HDR update is available for all 2016 SUHD TVs, and will be available for High Dynamic Range-compatible UHD TVs by September.