Is Sammy Watkins Going To Follow Sanjay Lal to Dallas?!


Sammy Watkins has had an up and down career playing with Buffalo Bills and LA Rams. His tenure with Bills was better than one in LA. Interestingly his WR coach in upper New York State was Sanjay Lal. You see where’ this going? Lal is currently employed with Cowboys. In 2014 the cooperation between these two prompted Watkins to catch 60 passes for 1,047 yards. Since then he hadn’t been over 600 yards per season.

Sammy Watkins is currently a free agent. Lal is a coach in Dallas. And two plus two are still four even in the NFL. In the past Sammy has talked only good things about Sanjay and has him in high regard: “He is great. He is a great coach, and so far I haven’t even been on the field with him that much, but my game has improved with just the little things and the details,” Watkins said. “Seeing our receivers right now become true receivers. He is teaching us how to play the game.”

The question that remains is whether Cowboys need Watkins?


Yes, they do. America’s Team is on a hunt for a wide receiver, and Sammy Watkins might be what they need. Last season their passing offense looked a bit rusty, and one of the reasons for that is the fact that they have missed a genuine downfield threat. Last year was another down year for Sammy, and he had minor injury concerns, which could lower his price on the free market. Watkins might be willing to take a one year ‘prove it’ contract, similar to what Eagles did with Alshon Jeffery. This would also work in Cowboys favor as they need money to resign DeMarcus Lawrence and Zack Martin.

Right now it seems that all pieces are falling to place. Sammy Watkins is a free agent looking for a new team, and a chance to prove himself. Cowboys are looking for a downfield threat. And, the coach that Watkins loves is working for Cowboys now. From a game perspective, Sammy Watkins is precisely what Dak Prescott needs to improve his game and add diversity to it.

What do you think, are Watkins and Cowboys a perfect fit?!