Sami Zayn As Heel Is Actually A Good Idea?


There are a couple of babyfaces on the WWE roster that are really hard to imagine as heels. They are just pure good guys that are always doing the right thing and win the right way. Well, Sami Zayn was one of those wrestlers. Nobody really thought that he is going to become a bad guy and join the “dark side.” Neville was one of those guys that were only thought about as the babyface. But, look at how great he is as a heel.

Sami Zayn did a great job on the Smackdown Live with his promo. He said that Shane McMahon never really believed in him, that he really didn’t get a fair shot on the Land of Opportunity. He did everything the right way, yet Kevin Owens always had the upper hand, always got a lot of chances and ended up being much more successful than him, a man that has done everything fair and square.


We needed a good reason for him to be a bad guy and he delivered in a big way. The other big reason for this being a good idea is the fact that everybody actually likes this wrestler and everybody wants him to succeed. Daniel Bryan was the same. Unsuccessful as a face, turned heel with good reason, then became the good guy again and that underdog persona came shining through.

Kevin Owens is going to do everything to help Sami learn how he needs to act as a heel. When Zayn gets tricked by somebody down the road and becomes a face, he is going to be one of the hottest wrestlers on the roster. That is why WWE made the right call here, and that is why this heel turn might be a big success.