Ryback Responds To Promotion Offering CM Punk 1 Million Dollars

Source: fightnetwork.com

On the recent episode of the Conversation with the Big Guy, former WWE Superstar, professional wrestler and professional podcaster Ryback has talked about a lot of interesting topics. He was talking about the promotion and people that offered Punk a lot of money to return to the ring, he talked about what happens during the commercial break in the WWE as well as many other things.

When it comes to this major offer that CM Punk got from the 5 Star wrestling promotion, they were the ones to offer Punk one million dollars to return to pro wrestling. They are holding a huge 128-man tournament, and they want Punk to be a part of it. Ryback had a very interesting take on this situation and an intriguing opinion about the promotion itself as he indicated that they are the worst in the business that he has encountered during his time on the indy scene. Here is what the Big Guy had to say:

Source: wrestlenewz.com

“He (owner of the promotion) just comes off like he says another thing. And then, like, out of all the promoters we’ve dealt with, he has been by far the worst.” Ryback stated. “He showed up to one of the events in England when I was there, just like harassing me, essentially. I treated him beyond well for that, but if there was ever a delusional human being, he was one of them.”

Ryback has just confirmed something that everybody thought about this company. They probably don’t have the kind of money that they have said they are willing to offer CM Punk. They did this just to gain traction and market their promotion and the tournament that they are holding, knowing well that CM Punk is not returning to the professional wrestling right now. Money is not going to be a big factor for CM Punk at this moment in time.