Rustic Furniture – The Breath Of The Past In Your Home


When the cold weather comes, we retire to our homes. This is the time when we usually experience boredom. That usually drives us to change the interior and space where we spend the most time. What is most pleasing in the winter months? When it’s cold outside and darkness is rapidly falling, pastel colors, romantic details, will make you more comfortable. You need a bit of a rustic touch.

Rustic But Modern

The rustic style of home decor is very diverse and interesting. It combines well with other styles and is perfect not only for farmhouses but also for modern apartments. The rustic style of home interior design creates a warm, cozy, comfortable, and yet interesting ambiance. The hallmarks of rustic design are natural materials, such as stone or wood. It is also rich with accentuated texture. Wood furniture is more or less trimmed. Natural materials are usually widely used. Most commonly used are cotton, hemp, flax, wool, or leather. The shapes of rustic elements are reminiscent of the past. These are usually crooked lines, laces, small details, locks, hinges, garlands, and other embellishments.

Do It Yourself – Rustic For Everyone

Some people like to create pieces of furniture that will adorn their living space. They will be pleased with the idea to make something new and special from any old thing. All you need is time, a little material and will. Let’s say you already have an old wardrobe, shelf, dresser, or an armchair. Then you are you’re closer to your new creation more than you think. For those who don’t own old furniture, flea market can be a great place to get ideas. Make sure you provide some little things that will make your work much easier. Sanders, pastels, delicate colors, brushes, will help you decorate your future furniture. If you are a beginner, do not worry. Instructions can be found in magazines, on the internet or from experienced restorers. So, roll up your sleeves and get started!

Romantic Decorations

Rustic can be introduced into the interior through details and decorations. If you want your apartment to be furnished with modern furniture, but you are attracted to the rustic – you may think you have a problem. Wrong!  According to Rustic Reach, this can easily be done. You can bring rustic by choosing original details for your home. Bowls, bins, lamps, plates, blankets, or photo frames can be quite nice details. Also, decorative accessories such as ornaments, candlesticks will give your space a unique touch. This will make your home warmer, more comfortable, and more interesting.

The effects that rustic objects leave on the interior are the main reason why they are still produced in this form. Today, even some brand new home appliances, such as refrigerators, are designed in 50’s style.

Rustic And Romance

All those who love rustic furniture can be supplied in antique shops. However, in some furniture salons, you can find pieces that copies old models. Everything that looks like you found in an attic, where it could have been left fifty or more years ago, adorns this style. It is important to know that this furniture should look used. It may seem to others that paint has disappeared, and the metal parts are rusty. But that is the exact catch. Furniture colors that suit this style are usually pastel. Patterns can be either monochrome without patterns, or with large and small flowers, usually roses. The material from which such furniture is made is wood. The shapes of rustic elements are always recognizable and those that associate with the past. These are usually crooked lines, laces, garlands, and other embellishments. You can also visit this website for more rustic ideas for your home.