Russia Says It Is Up To The Syrian People To Decide Who Is In Power

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Russia has said in a statement that it does not intend to play any role in deciding who has power in Syria after their job is over. They maintained that it has never been and is still not their intention to interfere in that, saying that it is entirely up to the Syrian people to elect whoever they want.

Maria Zakhrova, the Russian spokeswoman, clearly stated that it was neither Russia’s agenda nor priority to save Syrian President Bashar al-Assad nor see to it that he remains in power. She said on EkhoMoskvy radio station that it is up to the Syrian people to decide whether Bashar al-Assad steps down from his Presidential post or remains in power.

Although many see Russia as an ally of the aforementioned Syrian leader, Russia has stated clearly that they have no intention of having a say in who comes into power in Syria. Their sole objective is to help the Syrian government in their task of squashing the rebel armies scattered over their country.

Russia has been directing air strikes over different parts of Syria, mainly the north-western part of the country, in an attempt to crush the rebel armies stationed there. Earlier this monthPresident Bashar al-Assad had expressed his gratitude towards Russia in helping Syria deal with the terrorist groups in Syria. Although the US government has said that Mr Assad can have no part in Syria’s ruling after the war, Russia claims to have no interest or inclination to act in the matter.

Russia’s direct involvement in the Syrian Civil War began on September 30, 2015, when Russian troops entered Syria to aid the Syrian government in fighting the rebels based in their country. The involvement was a result of a request made by the Syrian government to Russia to aid them in the civil war.

The Syrian government looked to thwart the operations of militant groups like al-Nusra Front and the Army of Conquest and regain the territories currently occupied by the groups. Russian military, helped by Syrian troops, has been conducting air strikes on rebel bases.

Russia had previously been supplying arms and ammunition to Syria in their war against the militant groups hiding in their country. Many of those militant groups are supplied with weapons by the U.S. government, which has led to many labeling the entire debacle as a proxy war between USA and Russia.

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