For those who do not know Russell Brand has always been on TV, ever since his teenage years. But what is even more interesting than that is the fact that on Wednesday we caught him on the Los Angeles set of the HBO series Ballers. At this point it is unknown if he came as a fan, guest or will he have a role in one of the next episodes.

Russell, 42, was dressed in his typical fashion – rocker chic style, while he was touring the set of Ballers and get this, he was shown around by the show’s star Dwayne The Rock Johnson, dressed sharply as ever. It’s basically a rock and roll meets wall street with these two. Russell with his wavy hair down and black leather jacket with diamond stitching vs. Dwayne dressed to the nines in a blue checked three-piece suit with a powder purple dress shirt and a pocket square.

Dwayne and Russell

It is true that you are what you wear, and with Dwayne’s suit, you definitely see Spencer Strasmore, a financial manager for American football players, while on the other hand the rock and roll raggedy style that Russell sports screams rebellion and freedom to do whatever you want.

But, to get back on the topic of TV show Ballers, created by Stephen Levinson, began airing on HBO in June of 2015 and it already has three very successful seasons behind. The fourth is being prepared, and it will go on air sometime this year probably around summer time since the previous three started during that period. As far as we managed to find out, Russell hasn’t announced any guest spots on the program, and for that matter, no other engagements are listed for him on his IMDb page. As for the regular Ballers cast, it is still unchanged, and it is lead with Dwayne Johnson and continues with Rob Corddry, John David Washington, Omar Miller, Troy Garity and Jazmyn Simon.

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