Rusev Out For An Extended Period Of Time?


Rusev has been portrayed as a dominant heel when he debuted, and he was this mean foreigner that came into the WWE for the sole purpose of dominating everybody and proving that he is more superior that the rest of the superstars. He hadn’t lost a match for a long time when he made his debut, but he lost to Cena eventually at Wrestlemania 31.

In the last year, things were pretty bad for Rusev with the league of nations, then it got better as he got back his US title and had another solid run with it, but then he had to drop it to Roman Reigns, and he has been stuck in some meaningless feuds ever since. Things are again not looking good for the Bulgarian Brute.


He was made to look like a joke at Fastlane when he lost to the Big Show, and many people believed that there is some heat on him backstage. There were reports that WWE officials are mad with him for some reason while his new hairstyle and maybe not telling the company that he is going to change his look was a possible reason for it.

But, according to multiple sources, including, the Bulgarian Brute should and will have surgery on his shoulder which is going to maybe keep him away from a ring for a while. He did go on Twitter after the PPV last week and had said that he is going to be taking some time off from working out. He didn’t say if it is him taking some time off or needing surgery.