Is Rudy Gobert A Defensive Player Of The Year?


Utah Jazz is flourishing in the West right now as they have won five straight games. It all started with a confidence boost that this team got with the win over the Cleveland Cavaliers just a couple of days ago. Now, they are clicking on all cylinders, and their main players are Gordon Hayward and Rudy Gobert.

While Hayward is the main option on offense for the Utah Jazz, they wouldn’t be where they are without their mountain of a man that they have in the middle. Rudy Gobert is playing very well right now as he is leading the NBA in blocks with 2.5 per game while he is also averaging 12.8 points per match and 12.8 rebounds as well.

In the last ten duels for the Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert has elevated his performance. In that time span, he has been recording 13,6 points and an amazing 15,5 rebounds per game with also 2,4 blocks while he is only making 2,5 fouls per match.

Rebounding is pretty important when it comes to the Defensive Play Of The Year Award as the defensive possession is over when the rebound is secure. He is alternating a lot of shots, he is blocking a lot of them as well, and league’s best centers are always having a tough time when they are going up against the Utah Jazz.

Utah is known as one of the best defensive squads in the league and Gobert is by far their best player on defense. That is why he is well-deserving the nomination for a Defensive Player Of The Year. The stats are there, but more importantly, he passes the eye test with flying colors.