Roman Reigns Fails To Win The Intercontinental Championship


The biggest match that was booked for this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw was the battle for the Intercontinental Championship where the challenger Roman Reigns went up against the champion, The Miz. The Big Dog was able to defeat the A-Lister last week, and that earned him the championship opportunity. He did win this match, but it was via the DQ, so it means that the champion keeps the belt as he didn’t get pinned.

There have been a lot of fans that thought Roman was really going to win the battle here. Rumors are still swirling around that Roman is going to be the IC champion going into the Wrestlemania 34 in early April of 2018 and that he will challenge Brock Lesnar in a title-for-title duel in the main event of the show. Well, that did not happen on this edition of Monday Night Raw.


The match itself was very well booked as Roman Reigns went after Kurtis Axel and Bo Dallas before the event even began. He used the steel chair in order to gain advantage and beat the living hell out of the Miztourage at the entrance ramp. Now when he finished with that, the battle started.

Both of the guys worked really well here, and the contest was probably much better than anybody could have expected. In the end, we knew that if Roman was going to fail to capture the title here, he wouldn’t get pinned clean by the Miz. Sheamus and Cesaro came in and caused the DQ that enabled the A-Lister to keep his belt. Now, we have to wait and see what is going to be Cesaro and Sheamus’ role in this storyline next week.