The Dallas Cowboys have played four matches so far, and we cannot define the team this season. They had amazing moments, but in the same game, you would also see them struggle. Win-loss, hot-cold. Who exactly are the Dallas Cowboys this season?

Dallas’ current 2-2 score isn’t promising. They started out the season strong with an easy victory against the rivalry New York Giants, but they were hammered in Denver. In Week 3, they faced Arizona Cardinals, and even though they ended up with the W, they weren’t consistent, struggling in the first half and then heading back into the game in the second. They played against the Rams and ended up losing 35-30 even though they had a 24-16 lead at the half.


You may compare Dallas to many things, but they remind us of Jekyll and Hyde whose story is familiar to everyone. For those who have never heard of them, Dr. Jekyll experiments on himself by taking a serum which transformed him in the murderer called Hyde. As the time passes, Hyde is becoming dominant, and Jekyll loses control. It is the battle between good and bad, amazing story to read, but terrifying to hear that this compares to the current Cowboys roster.

At the beginning of the season, we expected Dallas to at least repeat the success from the last year. We knew that most of the defensive unit had been changed, but we expected better results, nevertheless. It has been four games, and we still don’t know who the Dallas Cowboys are. So far we have watched Elliott running 80+ yards, and we have seen him going for less than ten. Also, Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, Jason Witten, Brice Butler and Cole Beasley look unstoppable at the moment while they are unable to break from coverage in another instance.


Let’s say that the offense led by Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield works, but the defense is a complete unknown. We cannot tell what to expect from these guys, and they look completely different every time they get out on the field. The fans can just hope for the best. Speaking of Dak Prescott, he set the bar high last season, and we expect him to top that, which is difficult to do. So far he is having a decent year, but he is also hot and cold (luckily, more hot than cold).

After all, NFL is all about the unexpected. We can never predict an outcome of any game, and that is the beauty of it. For example, the Bears smashed the Steelers last week while the Panthers recorded a shocking victory over New England on Sunday. Anyone can edge, but that is not an excuse for the Cowboys. The team obviously has issues which need to be addressed as soon as possible. The secondary is the biggest concern, but there are problems on the offensive end as well.


The Cowboys showed us that they could be a threat this season, but they also showed us the other side. They need to fix everything because Week 5 is already ahead of us and we know that every game is important in the NFL. The entire team is Jekyll and Hyde at the moment, but who is going to prevail?

The Dallas Cowboys need to find their true identity in the next few games, and they need to use the bye-week the best way possible. What we have seen so far, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the America’s team struggling, but to end on the positive note, this season could be great. It is up to the Cowboys, from the coaching staff to the last player on the roster to aim for the same thing. They must not disappoint. They will not disappoint.


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