Patriots, Broncos Rise On NFL Power Ranking List


Week 1 has come and gone. We enjoyed in football after seven months of break. We are seating on the edge of our seats, waiting for Week 2 to come. But before it comes, we need to be ready for it. Who are the teams that have seen their spot on the Power Rankings improve and which teams have fallen off a cliff? Let’s take a look.

BOTTOM OF THE BARREL – These teams weren’t good to start the season, we did not expect much from them. But, they gave us less than we expected. Yes, it’s possible.

32. Cleveland Browns

31. Los Angeles Rams

30. Chicago Bears

29. San Diego Chargers

28. Atlanta Falcons

NEED TO IMPROVE – List includes squads that lost their games even though they were considered to be favorites in their matchups. All of these teams need to step up in Week 2.

27. New Orleans Saints

26. Tennessee Titans

25. Indianapolis Colts.

RISING FROM THE BOTTOM – These teams have shown that they can have a good season even though most of us expected them not to be very good. We also anticipated that they would be closer to “Bottom of the barrel” group of teams.

24. San Francisco 49ers

23. Philadelphia Eagles

22. Miami Dolphins

FALLING – Some of these were also favored to win their Week 1 matchup but what makes the difference between these teams and the teams from “Need to improve” group is the fact that these teams are serious contenders to make the postseason.

21. Buffalo Bills

20. Washington Redskins

19. Dallas Cowboys

18. Jaxonville Jaguars

READY TO STRIKE – Most of the teams in this group are coming off a great outing in Week 1 and are prepared to challenge their division rivals who are considered to be favorites in their respective divisions.

17. Detroit Lions

16. Baltimore Ravens

15. New York Giants

14. New York Jets

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

12. Oakland Raiders

11. Houston Texans

ON THE VERGE – These teams are considered as dark horses in their conferences, and they showed why in Week 1.

10. Minnesota Vikings

9. Kansas City Chiefs

8. Cincinnati Bengals

FALLEN CONTENDERS – List goes on with Super Bowl contenders, but they didn’t really have a good first Week. The season is still young, and there is more than enough time for these squads to catapult themselves into Top 3 on this list.

7. Arizona Cardinals

6. Carolina Panthers

5. Seattle Seahawks

IN THE DRIVERS’ SEAT – These teams showed us why they are Super Bowl contenders as they are coming off stellar performances in Week 1.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Green Bay Packers

2. Denver Broncos

1 New England Patriots