Ripple in Gaming and iGaming Industries


A lot of token creators, manufacturers of video cards and processors, and even exchange founders are gradually switching their attention to a related industry of blockchain games. And offer online users new ways to get digital coins like Ripple.

Ripple is a digital currency and a payment protocol that allows you to balance transfer payments without a reference, which is especially useful for banks and suppliers of financial services. Some of the world’s central banks have already announced that digital currencies, like Ripple, have a great potential to mark themselves as new payment solutions on the Internet.

Recently, the Ripple digital currency became the second most valuable digital currency after Bitcoins. This recent increase in the cost of Ripple is associated with the fact that in Japan and South Korea, there are about 90 banks and financial organizations that operate on the XRP platform, therefore, the potential of this cryptocurrency is very high.

Among the countless apps that have a connection to Ripple, attachment to online games and video games has become one of the most interesting. If we talk about Ripple in the gaming industry, the low cost and high transaction speed seem ideal for in-game purchases. This point, plus the ability to develop fully decentralized community-controlled games, opens up a whole world of possibilities.

This article is to explore a few specific areas where XRP can impact the industry. In particular, the most obvious opportunities open up in new black-cap games, online casinos with Ripple reviewed by QYTO, and in-game transactions in existing franchises.

Original Blockchain-based Games

The vast majority of online games today operate on a centralized model. It means that all data is stored on a server that is completely controlled by the game developers. Since the database is owned by a specific company, players have no real ownership of their accounts and items. In addition, centralized servers have many limitations and vulnerabilities.

For reference, blockchain games already exist and they are really popular. There are text-based adventures, games in which players collect and grow creatures, puzzles, card games, and many more. And all of this has been built into blockchain networks, making the associated storage needs more secure, games themselves cheaper than alternatives, payment processes simpler.

When the game exists on a centralized server, developers can abandon the project or close the game at any time. With blockchain, players can continue to play even if the developers leave the project. As long as the blockchain continues to work, the game lives on. In some cases, new developers may continue to work on the game.

At the moment, most blockchain-based video and online games exist on the Ethereum network, and they may remain that way for a while. However, as XRP continues to expand its influence on the cryptocurrency world, it has the same ability to support game development. We can expect that a wide range of new original games will appear on the Ripple network at any time.

Ripple’s contribution to the development of games with blockchain technology is about $ 100 million. With this, it is possible to work together with various open-source gaming platforms, as well as a transparent and secure decentralized ledger underlying many cryptocurrencies.

Crypto Online Casinos

For now, it is not difficult for online casinos to accept cryptocurrency, which is another good opportunity for Ripple to expand its borders. And this cryptocurrency already occupies a place of honor among the payment methods in different casinos. The simple fact is that gamers are concerned about privacy, anonymity, and security while making transactions with real money on casino platforms, and it points to cryptocurrencies as a viable solution.

Over time, we will probably see how many cryptocurrencies implemented in online casinos. But Ripple could take the lead by joining the promising online gambling industry, which means bingo these days. Most of us tend to think of bingo as a game from the past, but recently it has gone through a revolution with the advent of fully modern arcade content.

These kinds of experiences along with a variety of prize formats brought bingo into the 21st century, if we may say so. And while this particular genre of games is on the rise, it presents a great opportunity for Ripple to figure prominently in casino gaming with less competition.

Transactions within Games

XRP also has obvious potential to be incorporated into mainstream video games to facilitate different in-game transactions. And now we are not talking about the types of “freemium” payments that are very popular in various mobile games, with the help of which players can buy additional free-to-play functions. Rather, we are talking about XRP replacing current fake currency in PC and console video games.

A few years ago, it seemed like an unrealistic idea. Recently, however, the boundaries between real and artificial money in games started to fade. There are in-game real money shops where you can buy gold bars or other artifacts for real money. Cryptocurrency in this case can act as an intermediate partner for many developers and game distributors. Probably, soon there will be an opportunity to play and earn Ripple right in games.


In the cryptocurrency community, a lot of users consider XRP a black sheep. Some of them don’t even take it for a cryptocurrency. The third category is not particularly interested in XRP, but the fourth one is happy to use the capabilities of this protocol and requires more. True, this Ripple system is quite unusual. It doesn’t care about the processing power of your CPU, GPU, or ASIC device farm.

There is no mining for Ripple. XRP is often referred to as “centralized,” and this statement can be confusing for inexperienced crypto players. The network doesn’t rely on blockchain technology, which is traditional for most cryptocurrencies, but the unique mechanism of this system provides serious advantages. The privacy of user data is also provided. As you can see Ripple has a lot to offer to the gaming and gambling industries.