‘Rick And Morty’ Season 3, News and Updates: A Short Glimpse Into New Adventures


Although the fans are eager to see the new Season 3 of Rick and Morty as soon as possible, they will have to hold their horses for just a little while, as the release date has been postponed one more time. For all of those who thought that it would come out in 2016, they were obviously wrong.

However, even the first month of a new year will not bring the new season to our screens, as it was presumed. The release date is most likely moved sometime in March.

But all the waiting will pay off, as Adult Swim has given the fans a sneak peek into the long-awaited Season 3 in which we witness parts of the adventures that await us in the upcoming episodes. In the clip that was released for us, we can see Rick getting Morty out of school to begin their new ventures. Although Morty is not thrilled to have to get out of school, Rick manages to convince him and soon they take off.


What we also see in the clip is that they had much luck in their undertakings, especially because they managed to stay alive. However, being on the brink of life and death was surely upsetting, but it promises amusing and entertaining new season.

Rick And Morty Season 3 Release Date

Creator Dan Harmon did give an announcement of the series coming out in late 2016, but to the dismay of many, that did not happen. When it comes to the release date, the official announcement is yet to arrive, but it is expected by the end of this month.