Remodeling Your Bathroom? Avoid These Common Plumbing Mistakes


Remodeling your bathroom is about more than just adding beauty to your home. It is also known to add significant value and generate a lucrative Return on Investment in the near future. According to statistics, one can expect a good ROI of up to 70% when reselling their house.

Getting your bathroom renovated is a one-time investment and can be expensive. However, if the job is done incompetently, one is more likely to fall into a money pit trying to correct the plumbing errors. Hence, consider hiring a professional plumber for bathroom remodeling to get the renovation they have always desired.

If you are currently remodeling your bathroom, you have landed on the right page! Here is a detailed list of common plumbing mistakes Cressman Realty and Management says you must consider for a successful bathroom renovation.

Not Being Precise With Measurements

One of the most significant aspects of getting that striking bathroom renovation is precise measurements of every fixture, tile, pipe, vanity, and many more. An incorrect measurement is the only thing that makes your washroom go from a top-notch, sophisticated look to a shabby, second-rate one.

Measurements in such an event require utter accuracy. If you are conducting a do-it-yourself approach on this project, ensure you are measuring everything multiple times. Even an inch difference can cost you massive sums of money to correct it. After measuring, please write it down correctly and get it double-checked with your partner.

However, handling such tasks is not just uphill but also requires years of experience. In order to get the job done correctly, consider hiring a professional plumber who will pay attention to detail and get you the remodeling you have always wanted.

Being Lousy With Shower Sloping

Shower sloping is essential for every bathroom. The bathroom floor might look flat and smooth to a novice or an untrained person. However, every restroom requires a slight slope on the floor to collect and direct shower water into the drain. If no sloping is provided, one will most likely end up with clogged, cold water all over the place.

According to professionals, it is always recommended to have a slope of a minimum of 4% for a shower drainage system. Additionally, one must remember that the slope must be 5 inches for every 12 inches of floor directed towards the drainage system.

Another crucial fact about shower sloping is that this job is done in the initial foundation process. If the work is not carried out properly, one might correct it for months. It is essential to seek professional help in such a case to avoid hassles.

End Up With An Improper Drain Ventilation System


One might be surprised to learn how intricate the water trap is beneath your bathroom wash basin. The trap’s function is to retain any stagnant water that accumulates between the pipe’s sink terminal and the pipe’s sewer line terminal.

This accomplishes several goals. The primary advantage of such a design of the basin trap aids in preventing life-threatening and unpleasant sewer gasses from getting into one’s residence through the pipelines.

Homeowners need to pay attention to the symptoms if a restroom smells like a swamp every morning. This might indicate that they have a sink trap issue. In order to prevent insects from getting into your home through the sewer pipe, it is highly recommended to install a sink trap. One must remember that the pipe must be carefully ventilated to create air pressure to build this crucial seal.

Going Way Over The Decided Budget

It is very natural for most homeowners to be unaware of what they are looking for in a remodel or what they can expect after the renovation. In such an event, it is very likely for homeowners to make the wrong decisions that lead to a heavy load on their financial conditions.

If a person is looking to have a lucrative ROI through a bathroom remodel, they would be tempted to install sophisticated fixtures like modern technology, jacuzzis, and many more to have a luxurious feel to the house. However, one must always focus on the practical upgrades required for the restroom—this aids in staying within your budget and getting the vital upgrades.

In order to determine the right upgrades one might need to install in their restroom, one can consider hiring a professional plumber. This is because professionals conduct an extensive inspection of one’s bathroom to recognize the deficiencies and suggest the appropriate solutions.

Inexperience In Handling Molds & Termite


Molds can be found in many areas, including walls, showers, wood, sinks, toilets, etc., and are a severe health risk. These molds grow in dark, moist, and humid environments. Such molds may develop as a result of continuous dampness. Some of the most common causes of microbial spores include inadequate ventilation, leaky faucets or toilets, plumbing pipes, and materials like humid cellulose.

When remodeling the bathroom oneself, one is most likely to find molds in every damp corner. Non-professionals do not have the right experience to deal with life-threatening spores that can lead to respiratory illnesses like asthma and skin allergies. It is advised to hire an expert to handle the situation efficiently and keep everyone out of harm’s way.

Unable To Access Modern Designs & Styles

It can be prevalent for people to get their bathroom renovated with the same old designs, layouts, and styles due to a lack of access to competent sources. One must note that it is essential to determine the layout of their bathroom before choosing fixtures like showers, mirrors, bathtubs, wall cabinets, etc.

With the assistance of a professional, one can get unlimited access to top-notch designs to get that modern striking bathroom.


Getting one’s bathroom renovated can be an exciting and uphill task at the same time. However, if one plans to remodel themselves, they have a room full of unforeseen surprises waiting for them.

In order to get the job entirely efficiently without falling into a money pit for months, one must avoid the list, as mentioned earlier, of mistakes. If one is bound to a specific time limit, consider a professional to complete the project within the time frame.