4 Tips for Finding Reliable Bespoke Design Services


There is no end to creativity in the home when it comes to custom-made furniture. Whether it’s kitchens, a kind of the heart of every home, always challenging children’s rooms, or demanding hallways, by making custom furniture we can always get the most out of every room and get an original look.

Lack of space and unusual dimensions of walls and niches make buying furniture a real challenge. This is especially true of closets as the most popular piece of furniture for storing things. The best way to make the most of space in such cases is to make custom furniture. When buying custom furniture, a large number of people are amazed by the options that open up in front of them. Numerous types of materials and finishes, as well as their various combinations, offer something for everyone.

What are the benefits of custom furniture?

  1. The most important advantage we all know is the use of every inch. Whether it is a slope, a space under the stairs, or some other irregular spaces with custom-made furniture, you can always find a solution that will make that space usable.
  2. When using every inch, it is important to think about functionality, and one of, in our opinion, the most important advantages is the design, cabinets, and kitchen to the ceiling. Aside from giving you more space, the whole part no longer needs to be cleaned, and we all know how tedious it is to clean the top surface of kitchen elements.
  3. Another immensely valuable feature is the ability to hide “clutter”. When you make a kitchen, you have the option to close it completely and turn it into a closet in one go, so that all potential clutter remains out the door. The same thing can be applied to desktops or other functional areas where there is often chaos.
  4. Playing with mirrors on the fronts of cabinets, walls, kitchen islands, etc. will open up space and make it visually larger which will be especially useful in the hallways, and the ability to play with their shades and finishes will encourage creativity in you.
  5. For most, however, the most important thing is the ability to design your own furniture. From combining materials, handles, mechanisms, colors, and decor, the possibilities are countless, and your furniture will be exactly as you imagined it.

Yes, there are many benefits to buying custom furniture, but how do we find a reliable bespoke design service?


Do a little research

The Internet, a miracle that saves us from every situation and finds the answer to our every question. Do a little research, look at the offer on the internet. Today, almost all companies have their websites, and many of them are also advertised through social networks. In any case, here you will be able to see some previous projects and, depending on them, decide whether this is exactly what you need.

Read reviews

Reviews are the best indicators of whether something is good or not because it is a place where people leave their impressions and comments about the service or item they bought. If you see negative comments, of course, you will look for the desired service elsewhere.

Try to find an experienced designer

For a person to be competent for a job, he must have knowledge and experience. In many cases, the experience is crucial. When you are already researching on the Internet, pay attention to whether the designer is only skilled in a modern style, or whether he is equally good at Scandinavian, industrial, baroque, or any other. It is important that he thinks broadly and realizes that he is ready to offer you the best solution.

Ask about the price

The price usually tells us a lot about the quality of service. While we all strive to spend as little money as possible, it is important to know that in the world of designers, less money means poorer service. Keep in mind that arranging a living space is a long-term investment, so you don’t need to regret giving a few pennies more.

What should we pay attention to when furnishing a living space?

A mixture of textures

If you can’t understand what your space is missing, adding different textures to space through elements like carpets, bedspreads or decorative pillows is the right solution. Materials and textures should be mixed – metal with wood, rattan with natural fabrics, or lacquered furniture with matte finish walls.

Layered lighting


Rooms with one type of lighting, such as a pendant placed in the middle of the ceiling, can make the space look two-dimensional. According to many designers, lighting has the power to lift the mood and advises to enrich the room with multiple light sources, not just overhead. Find a place for a floor lamp in the space or position a smaller light fixture or candlestick on the side table. On industville.co.uk you can read more about it.


Most people naturally tend to buy beautiful, sculptural pieces of furniture that provide a strong visual impression in the space, but if you live in a small space you should always take care of the shape of the furniture and its function. Use every square meter of space creatively, and this rule especially applies to homes poor in square footage to prevent the possibility of creating clutter.


Each of us has our style. Some like to have their walls exclusively white, while others prefer to enjoy vibrant colors such as yellow, green, orange, or red. Although the advice of many designers is to choose pastel wall colors, if your choice is different, then pay attention to the intensity of the color as well as the size of the room, so as not to visually reduce it.

Final thoughts

Decorating a home is a special pleasure for many, but also a big job. Fortunately, there are always interior designers to whom you can leave the hard part of the job, and it’s up to you to enjoy the final result!