Volunteer Appreciation: 10 Best Practices to Engage & Recruit the Younger Generation of Volunteers


Nonprofits rely on successful volunteer programs to meet their targets and improve the performance of their undertaken mission. To do this successfully, it becomes necessary to keep people’s engagement high and consistent, especially amongst younger generation volunteers, as they want to learn and grow in the work environment.

By taking up efficient measures and practices, organizations can ensure that the best facilities and communication channels are provided to them to improve satisfaction levels and their performance. When organizations can provide them with their requirements, they will be more likely to engage more and work efficiently.

Volunteer engagement is necessary for all programs as it helps organizations improve their performances and meet their goals more efficiently. To ensure high engagement, organizations must take up some of the best practices to satisfy them and build meaningful relationships with them. Thus, here’s a look at some efficient measures organizations can take to keep engagement high.

1. A Good First Impression

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Show younger generations all the work the organization has done in the past and its achievements. Show the public the organization’s steps to work towards its mission and commitment. These things will help build trust, encouraging them to apply for and join new volunteer programs. The better the first impression is for the younger generation, the more likely they will come on board and put in their best efforts.

2. Create a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

Make provisions for restrooms, break hours, first aid, time off, and other volunteer necessities. Having an efficient work environment is essential for meeting nonprofit goals. It will help to increase their satisfaction at all stages, thus leading to an improvement in their engagement. A healthy work environment will also encourage the younger volunteers to discuss an organization’s volunteer activities, which will help recruit new people for future programs.

3. Respect Availability


Organizations must be open to providing flexible work opportunities to volunteers. By taking note of their availability, nonprofits can adjust shifts, the number of hours, etc., and align them with volunteer needs. It is an excellent way to boost volunteer engagement as there will be less pressure present, and volunteers will be able to work comfortably and efficiently.

4. Pay Attention to Different Interests

Another excellent way to boost their engagement amongst the younger generations is to pay attention to their preferences. It will increase their engagement in the program and make them more likely to perform better when doing activities they prefer. When taking up recruitment or hosting volunteer activities, ask them about their preferences and assign tasks that will align with their interests. It is a great way to enhance programs and ensure that the organization reaches its goals.

5. Build Communication and Team Spirit

To increase engagement amongst the younger generation groups, build communication channels that will help in boosting team spirit and coordination for all types of volunteering activities. Clear communication will reduce the chances of misunderstandings, missed information, etc., and help build meaningful relationships, which are essential for high engagement and performance within the organization. Host team activities, create social group chats, or other sources that will allow them to get to know one another and also members of the organization.

6. Provide Career Growth Opportunities

Younger generation are always looking for new opportunities to boost their careers and help them grow in the competitive work environment. Organizations must provide them with career boosters such as experience certificates, recommendation letters, references, internships, etc. It will be an excellent way to raise their engagement, and they will also put in their best efforts, which are necessary for the organization to meet its volunteer event goals.

7. Showcase Empathy Towards Volunteers


Having empathy towards people will show them that the organization is willing to listen to their feedback, grievances, suggestions, and more and consider them to provide greater satisfaction. Nonprofit empathy helps build meaningful volunteer-organization relationships and establishes trustworthiness amongst them, thus leading to higher engagement for this type of events.

8. Use social media to reach out to potential volunteers

They are the lifeblood of nonprofit organizations. They give their time, energy, and resources to help others without expecting anything in return. This dedication is something nonprofits should celebrate, and there are many ways to do so.

One way to show appreciation for them is to engage them through social media. Social media can be a great way to connect with potential recruits and find out what they’re interested in or passionate about. It can also be a great way to find new people who might want to commit their time to your nonprofit.

When engaging them through social media, it’s important to keep things informal and interactive. Building relationships on social media is a two-way street, so it’s important that nonprofits respond positively to comments and questions from potential volunteers.

9. Celebrate successes with memorable volunteer appreciation events

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To engage and recruit the younger generation of people, it is important to remember the importance of appreciation. A memorable appreciation event can thank volunteers for their time and effort while also highlighting success stories. These celebrations should be fun and interactive, engaging participants in a way that encourages them to continue working.

10. Offer free or discounted registration and training materials

In order to tap into the tremendous potential of young volunteers, nonprofits should offer free or discounted registration and training materials. This will help get new volunteers engaged in the organization and ready to contribute their time and skills. Additionally, nonprofits can create incentives for young volunteers, such as awards or discounts on future volunteer events.

Overall, remembering the importance of appreciation when engaging and recruiting them will go a long way in recruiting new members into your community spirit!


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Volunteer programs help nonprofit organizations grow and reach their goals consistently. By taking steps that align with their needs and requirements, nonprofits can enhance their engagement and ensure higher efficiency for meeting all targets on time. Hence, it becomes necessary to take up the best practices that will keep volunteer engagement high, as these individuals are the backbone for the success of each event.