Reasons Why Detoxification is Healthy For Your Well-being


Do you take care of what you bring into your body? How ready are you to fundamentally change your lifestyle and diet? When we talk about detox, we usually think that this process is about something that is short-lived.

However, as the name implies, it is a process. If you have decided to take detox in a serious way, read below what you need to do to succeed.

What is detox?


Regular detox and body cleansing are very important to keep your health at optimum levels. Otherwise, the accumulation of toxins in the body causes a number of health problems. Some of the symptoms are chronic fatigue, bad breath, slowing metabolism, constipation, common colds, and infections. The most important ways of detoxification in the body are through the liver, but of course, the important thing is the blood supply to the tissues, the healthy gallbladder, the kidneys.

In the last few years, certain myths have been used for this, which are somehow rejected by specific practice examples. It is important to know that instant, fast one does not exist because our body is an extremely complex ” machine ” where certain processes are much more complex. If you are constantly tired, have no energy, you just want to sleep, then detoxification is recommended.

Natural detox


First of all, it means consuming the right foods in the right amounts. What does it mean? This means accepting the fact that detoxification is such a process, not an instant, ad hoc action. You cannot transform your body in such a way that it regenerates completely after a short period of time. It has been medically proven that it takes about a year when old cells have to regenerate with new ones, and just as much is required for the whole detoxification (when the poisons contained in the tissues must be eliminated).

Except in the case of an overdose of a substance, detox is not something done abruptly, but rather gradually. It starts with adjusting your diet, eliminating sugar and unhealthy fats. Then get rid of cigarettes, alcohol and other unhealthy things. What is considered a natural detox involves:

  • Choose the right diet – what is already mentioned applies here as well. Buy fruits and vegetables at the farmer’s market instead of the big grocery chains. Doing so will reduce your pesticide intake. Meat also, because of steroids and other additives that are added.
  • Training and meditation – Something that everyone in general already knows is that they should exercise regularly. This way you will remove a lot of toxins from your body, primarily through sweat, but also your body will become healthier. The mediation will help combat stress and then you will comprehensively begin to improve your health.
  • Different approaches to nutrition – are you a fan of new, modern diets? Which ones did you consume that were successful? There are different, many diets depending on your needs and fitness. These types of diets are extremely popular, but their disadvantage is that there is no prior consultation with a nutritionist who will advise the user about the correct foods that are introduced into the body.
  • Clean Air – We know we can’t affect the air we breathe outside our home. But we can certainly influence the quality of the air at home. Don’t smoke cigarettes indoors, clean regularly and consider buying an air purifier. Also, ventilate rooms, but on days when the outside pollution is less. If the pollution is high, like in winter, then it is more harm than good.
  • Water, water and only water – your body needs healthy fuel and you will only achieve it with water. Not with soda or energy drinks, but with water.

Detoxification of the body with food


Food is the first and basic need that arises in this process. It is necessary to discard all industrially produced food in the process. Foods that are recommended in detox fights are fruits (natural antioxidants which makes it extremely popular among the general population, easy to digest, and is included in the diet at any time of the year.

These include sour and sweet apples, which of all fruits have the highest detoxifying effect. Southern fruits like oranges, pomegranates and lemons are definitely a must-have, since so much vitamin C cleans the liver of all the toxins ingested), then spinach, kale, broccoli, chard are great fighters for cleansing the body, whether you bring them in mind liquid, cooked or boiled foods.

Raw vegetables also cleanse the body of all harmful substances. These include carrots, onions, cabbage, peppers and beets that are especially recommended for blood cleansing. Nuts and seeds are extremely popular, starting with sunflower seeds, almonds, over pumpkin and flax. Excellent and nutritious snack. Also, oats, barley, and integral rice are always preferred on every table.



Constipation is a very complex problem, especially if it is of chronic and psychosomatic origin. It involves irregular bowel discharges, feces that are generally of solid consistency and occur once every 5 days or less. For good bowel function, a balanced diet full of vegetables and fruits, intake of a large amount of fluid, consumption of flaxseed, and eg. kefir which is great for this problem. To find even more about how to achieve a healthy gut, click here.

Detoxification of the liver

Everything that we ingest through food, inhalation or through the skin passes through the liver. Oily, baked, fried foods, alcohol, carbonated beverages, medicines, exhaust gases, by their toxic effects, damage the liver and impair its functionality, affecting overall health. A healthy lifestyle is of utmost importance for the complete functioning of the liver, which primarily involves a healthy and proper diet, stays in the fresh air, the use of natural cosmetics and medicines.

Regular liver cleanse is essential for maintaining health. Positive effects of the whole process – prevents the formation of fatty liver, – helps to eliminate stones from the liver and bile, – accelerates metabolism, – raises immunity, – strengthens energy, concentration, and productivity, – suppresses headache, depression, fatigue, and drowsiness, – eliminates unpleasant breath as and unpleasant body odor, – soothes and even completely counteracts allergies, – contributes to the health and beauty of the skin, – promotes weight loss. The ideal time for detoxing is in the spring when a long, uniform, fatty, high-calorie diet is left behind. In addition, the weather and walking and physical activity conditions are improving.

Start this process as soon as possible, your body will be grateful to you!