Real Rob Season 2 Confirmed


Created by Rob Schneider, who also serves as the executive producer, Real Rob is a comedy TV series which, as the title itself suggests, follows the everyday life of the creator himself. Rob Schneider is not only an American actor and comedian, but also a screenwriter, a director, and a stand-up comic. The series does not revolve only around him but also features his closest ones – his wife Patricia and his daughter Miranda.

The first season of Real Rob premiered on Netflix in December 2015. Unfortunately, it was not that well-received by the critics – believe it or not, on Rotten Tomatoes, it had 0% rating based on eight critics’ response! But that’s not the worst part – even a vast majority of viewers left negative comments after only a couple of episodes. “I love Rob, I do. I loved him on SNL, Men Behaving Badly, most of his Adam Sandler stuff, and even his earlier movies (especially Hot Chick). But this show is the worst thing I have seen him on!” one fan wrote. And there are many other similar comments. What some believe is the reason for such a negative response is simply Rob’s sense of humor. Yes, he is a gifted comedian, but not a lot of people likes/understands his joke.


However, even though the critics did not like it and a number of his fans were left disappointed after Real Rob Season 1, we have some good news for those of you who did like the series – Netflix confirmed that there will be another season! The network decided to renew the series in July last year, but it remains to be answered when exactly we can expect to see it. We’re sorry to tell you that this piece of information is still kept under wraps, but we believe it won’t be long before they reveal it. So stay tuned, and we promise we’ll keep you updated.