Raw Tag Team Titles Match – Extreme Rules PPV Picks And Predictions

Source: wwe.com

In a rematch from the last Raw branded pay per view event which was Payback, Cesaro and Sheamus are going to challenge Jeff and Matt Hardy for their Raw tag team belts. This time, it is going to be a steel cage match for the championships. Are they finally going to take down Team Extreme or will fall short again?

Now that they are heels, it seems that they are on the right path. Sheamus has never been good as a babyface while it looked like that WWE has no desire to push Cesaro as a good guy. This turn was just what both of these guys needed, and the fact that they are in this storyline with the Hardys is good for them.

In our opinion, WWE has done a good job with this storyline. It is something different, in a feud that is a lot different than anything that we have seen on Monday Night Raw over the past couple of months or even years.

Source: wwe.com

Right now, the story is that Hardys are always getting the upper hand on the Cesaro and Sheamus. They are beating them in every single match, yet it really doesn’t feel like Sheamus or Cesaro are weak. They are just as good as they have always been.

The fact that they have been losing so much to Jeff and Matt Hardy makes us believe that they are going to win the titles on Sunday at Extreme Rules. Where do Jeff and Matt go from this point on, we don’t know. Are they going to split up or become broken? Time will only tell. But, we think that Cesaro and Sheamus will win the gold on Sunday.